Berfing the tribe

If I had to choose my poison on Thunder nerfs & buffs, heres what I would want.

  • COE buff timing reduced to 5 seconds.
  • Sky Fall ground bounce eliminated completely.
  • True light DP.

I think this would even things out nicely for any opposition that Thunder faces. There are a lot of complaints that he is proving to be too strong; as a Thunder main, I get a lot off of set play. It’s a little silly to be honest. How do you guys feel?

It would make him too strong.

Getting rid of ground bounce on skyfall really wouldn’t hurt him that much IMO.

You’re aware of how difficult it is to get in as Thunder in a lot of match ups right? That means everything on the inside has to count. I believe that was the reason for ground bounce on sky fall to begin with. They wanted to give him more to work with up close. Hence, a degenerate Thunder was born. Now everyone is crying about it.

The ground bounce is not what makes him degenerate to me.

I don’t even really think Thunder is degenerate anymore, but when people choose to play him that way it’s really not fun.

That could technically be the case with any character though right? I mean, whats so different about anyone else? Most Thunders play degenerately. I’m even guilty of it sometimes. It works, but I don’t think it’s right or fair. Blocking a DP and punishing is simple. I don’t think it would hurt for him to have a true light dp in conjunction with Nerfing his COE buff time and eliminating his potentials off of set play.

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You do realize how much having a light DP helped him in the past, right?

I understand why you wouldn’t think having one was a big deal, but to me, it was a big deal. His buttons, grab range, damage output, pressure/reset game; if he wasn’t fighting a zoner, he had an upper hand in the fight (again, my personal opinion). Even if you manage to outplay and dodge his pressure game, he’ll just dp and get right back up, and still have meter for shadow grabs and cashouts. Too much.

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It wasn’t as advantageous as everyone was making it seem. I believe it was just that people got used to using pressure tactics against him up close (where he is supposed to be dangerous); hence when his true DP adjustment came to fruition, no one liked the idea of sub-optimally being able to play him close. It’s a simple as blocking, or baiting. The only true DP was his light DP (Which didn’t have any follow ups, so it couldn’t be dash canceled).

Most of Thunder’s buttons are totally interruptible. His fastest normal has a start up of 5 frames; which is normally out of range to connect. Every other button its literally interruptible considering you’re using a character that has solid normals or a true dp i.e. Wulf, Cinder, Hisako. Most characters can stop Thunder’s pressure, but for some reason people are so afraid to eat a grab that they’d rather hold up. His pressure can be gruesomely smothering if one doesn’t know how to combat it, but it is NOT real. His buttons are not true block strings, as a lot of his normals induce a slight bit of push back for the opposition to make a pass at stealing their turn. Whats the difference between Thunder’s reset potentially everyone else’s; his damage?

They already tried taking away his followups in return for an Invulnerable DP at the beginning of Season 3. But then they realized Thunder with a meterless reversal was more powerful than he ought to be, since it free him up to use meter on grabs and cash outs. So they removed the invulnerability and gave LDP back it’s follow ups.

I understand this, but what they didn’t do Is eliminate his ground bounce & COE buffer time in conjunction with give him a true DP. All of the KI enthusiasts are saying that he is nutty as heck because of his DP potential combo potential. Is this not a reasonable swap?

We are more annoyed by the DP itself than what you get off of it TBH

Why? lol Fulgore has a free ambiguous cross up DP… & every one thinks Thunder is nutty? :joy: It’s interesting to me is all. There are far worse DPs in the game I believe.

What are you talking about

Apply that statement to the course of your annoyances about Thunder, & you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Define set play please.

Not all characters have impressive buttons for doing lots of blockstrings. Good for Thunder that he has s. Lk, wich is + on block and can be used for great frametraps, specially considering is a flipout (so hitting an airborne char will put them on a guess situation), and specially considering his long range command throw[quote=“CHANCHULA, post:3, topic:19680”]
You’re aware of how difficult it is to get in as Thunder in a lot of match ups right? That means everything on the inside has to count

Not as hard as, dunno, Raam, and only if Thunder would have hard to react mixups and damage to make this up… oh wait!

Also, MUs happens. Thunder struggles against zoning, because otherwise he would stomp hard over all zoning chars

It was a bad decision back there, it would ne a bad one today

Set Play, or what I like to call the blender; is the ambiguous follow up potential that any given character is able to continuously repeat off of a hard knock down situation until defender is able to guess his/her way out of the situation and get back into neutral. With the ground bounce mechanic on sky fall, Thunder gets a lot. I think this is why people hate his DP to Skyfall so much.

Of course, & thats fine.

Very true indeed. I agree with you that S.Lk is a great tool in Thunder’s arsenal, but a lot of people fail to realize that the priority system renders it very interruptible by a lot characters in the game. Even Kan-Ra can interrupt it & hit confirm off of his Cr. MP. I’ve been labbing it lately to see exactly how good it is. One can actually steal their turn back. It’s actually kind of cool. Check it out if you get a chance.

Hmmm. I agree, & I disagree… I have mixed feelings about it.