Behind the Sticks - Fiyah Liger

Helping to write the Book of Riptor, we go Behind the Sticks with @FiyahLiger!


I met him at Absolute Battle and he’s awesome! :slight_smile:

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I love the character loyalty he talked about. That is kind of how I am. There is nothing wrong with picking top tier or whoever you think you will win with especially if you are competing but I can’t play a character I don’t connect with in some way. I can’t spend a lot of time with characters unless I like them in someway (be it their lore, personality, looks, motivations etc.) So it’s cool to see a top player with a similar mindset.

Spinal :green_heart:


Yes…character loyalty to a fault…I am.

I loved KI one Riptor. Loved everyting from her quirky gameplay style to the screen-shaking run to (especially) the roars in the audio. This version is fun but has never quite resonated with me; still, she’s in the game and a blast to play. I hope Ligah wins a major for his loyalty.

I did get to meet @FiyahLiger at CEO. Very cool, happy guy with an awesome personality. And he plays the best Riptor!

Oh to let you know Liger, that sticker isn’t on my Xbox like I promised, it’s on my Car XD

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