Behind the Sticks - F3 HollywoodSleep

What a difference one year can make! We go Behind the Sticks with F3 HollywoodSleep!


Great! He’s amazing person, I’ve ever met!

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What a great interview. Sleep is such a smart and dedicated person. Very inspiring.


I love Sleep’s confidence.


“I picked gargos vs bass simply because he didn’t understand the Matchup completely”. Called that like a champ when I saw grand finals. “And I knew it would be an easy win.”

Calling bass out it seems with gargos. But that isn’t super surprising that bass didn’t know gargos very well (as evidenced).

**I knew he could take me “threw out” the tournament…

Its throughout… not threw out.

Not sure who is typing all of these recent articles… Nicky, Sleep, Textual stream…but there are a ton of grammar errors in them. Not a big deal…but its hard to read and it makes whomever is being quoted sound unintelligent.

Im just being honest. These articles must be spelled checked much closer.

But anyway…Sleep is really cool, my kids love watching him and like his personality. Hope to see him at AB7.


Fixed. Thank you for pointing it out.


I was able to personally witness @F3Sleep at CEO in Orlando this year. To be frank, his own confidence and demeanor, was something I found quite intimidating, but unlike Nicky, I have always admired it - I think it has a lot to do with his confidence; it’s something I wish I had more of. i’ve always had friends tell me that more than anything, confidence can be a life-changer, and I wholeheartedly believe it, as I’m sure Sleep does now, if he hadn’t already. It’s also nice to see someone make a dream come true.

@F3Sleep God bless, and good luck. We’ll meet again. :slight_smile:


Agreed. I met him at KIWC and had a few words w/him again at TXShowdown. Real cool dude. Willing to help folks out and you definitely have to admire his confidence AND his patience. Congrats @F3Sleep ! :smiley:

Can’t wait to see u play KanRa again! :wink:

Sorry guys for being mia… thank you!!!


You guys are beautiful thank you for the love… It means a lot to me!