Behind the Sticks - Circa Nicky

From 24 hour van trips to partnering with Circa eSports, we go Behind the Sticks with Circa Nicky!


I can thank Cheatcode as well for getting me into pro competition through training and watching EVO 2015 together. Really nice guy.

Great read, guys, thank you.

Classy, classy guy!!


Can’t wait to fight him.

Nicky is definitely one of my favorite top KI players.

I always wanted to mess around with Fulgore but never did because he just seemed a little too complicated for a new(er) player but after seeing this guy use him he inspired me to just go for it and try him out. That is one of the reason’s I like watching Nicky compete so much, he is one of the few players that when I watch him compete, it makes me itch to play the game. Watching this dude on stream makes me want to to turn off the stream, close my laptop and go fire up KI immediately and start playing lol.

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Definitely a big fan of Nicky’s Fulgore. I’m most impressed with his pip cancel DPs, whether over simple jumps or if he did full screen blade dash and the guy jumped away. Doing that consistently is not easy at all. He makes the character look unbeatable sometimes, because if a person has those types of consistent reactions, it’s so hard to find an opening. But he put the work in and he deserves the success!


I think I’m going to be a bit up front about Nicky - I never really liked him.

Of course, this stems from how intimidating he can be with his Fulgore and with the persona I so often see him use on stream during top 8 tournaments (which, IMO, makes him out to look a lot like a jerk). Of course, who wouldn’t be afraid of his skill? And his persona during streams? It’s either: a) my imagination running wild, or b) an act that he uses to put on 1 heck of a show (and to shake up his opponents, as a valid strategy) during his many tournaments. In any case, after reading this interview, it has made me realize that, yeah, maybe he’s not so bad after all - it makes me regret not having taken the time to talk to him in person when I was at CEO 2016 when I had the chance in order to really get to know the guy for who he really is, and not for the persona he either puts on display or that I thought he was…

Oh well. Next year, perhaps… :slight_smile:

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I was able to meet Nicky at EVO and as a Fulgore player myself I wanted to watch him first hand in as many matches as I could. Especially since I had been eliminated once his pools started. I ended up feeling like a bit of a stalker so I let him know that I was following him, and he cut me off and said. “don’t worry about it, there have been people following me around all day, you are fine.” He was super cool about it and really just a nice guy all around. When talking about his opponents, he always gave them credit, whether he won or lost, just giving tons of respect to whom ever he played. He has been super helpful and the only regret is that I didn’t pick his brain more while I had the chance.

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He may not be the only Fulgore player out there but I just have to say for Mr Circa Nicky: keep on eliminating the enemies of Ultratech!

Nicki just did exactly what you were talking about to Shin Tristan… talking smack and Tea bagging… Shin can be annoying yes… but Nicki just ate crow because Shin just whooped him and didnt feed into the Tea baggin and rudeness. Good for him.

Nicky did get put int losers from Shin Tristin, so maybe that was his way of trying to pysche himself up to get ready for that match up. Show that he was unafraid, although in the end, it only won him one match. Thunder is still a problem for Fulgore once he gets in. I equate Nicky’s pop off to that of the antics of Richard Sherman, trying to get into his opponents head.

At the end of the match, Nicky was courteous in his loss and went out with zero flair.

Though Shin could have reacted, I think Shin’s eyes were on the bigger prize, but Bass is still just too good.

Yeah I agree…but it makes him look bad to people watching regardless of what happens afterwards. Proof is some have stated on here they dont like him just based off what they see on stream… and as a player that is sponsored… thats something to consider changing if you want to grab other endorsements in the future.

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I guess it depends on what type of persona you want to portray. Like Paul B, while at EVO he delighted in being boo’d. So if you want to be the heel, that bad guy in the WWE per say, then maybe this is the route you want to take. Though from meeting Nicky the one time I did, and just watching his interactions, I agree with you that he might want to consider it, though this might be the type of competitor he is, and it gives him that edge. Jordan and Kobe were not very likable people from team mates or opponents, and trash talk was all a part of their game. Granted, fighting games are not the same as basketball in that sense, but maybe he feels more comfortable when he does it. I don’t think he is malicious or actually means ill will, just how he competes. I honestly don’t know him well enough to know for sure. Though I totally understand your point. I feel the same about LTG and the couple of videos I seen of him. I think, I would never support a guy like that. So first impressions can be a very lasting one.

Never heard of LTG…Ill check him out.

I agree he is nice and cool. He was my favorite player recently until he acted that way to Thompson and now Shin T. I just think him being the most popular player right now he needs to inspire the kids to be courteous and professional instead of inspiring them to be Tbagging and obnoxious while playing. Kids are going to emulate everything he does…to the T.

Its all good man…dude is kickin ■■■ and doing what he loves to do. Good for him!

yeah. Good point. I’ve finally gotten to a point where t-bagging has stopped bothering me, though I think he’s only 21, so he could mature in the future. As for LTG, Low Tier God, guy seems like a giant A-hole, and treats his fans like crap.

Here’s a link to a video, don’t need to watch but 5 mins of it to get the point of this dude.

Ok now Ive heard of him…but I have never watched any videos…only heard his name mentioned on here for being s super Dbag. Ill still give a watch and see.

I’ve played both Circa Nicky and LTG (online) and yea Nicky was respectful after the match whereas LTG sent me hate mail for winning.

Holy hell his fulgore is ridiculous. Such a solid high level player.