Behind the Sticks - BH|Thompxson


They said it consistently since the start of S1, even while Grimzzz was winning tournaments. And it has been one of those “given” things that was just accepted by the community.

To be fair, just because Thompxson wins doesn’t mean Jago is top tier or OP. But it is the definition of “viable.”

But it goes to show that “the community” can be collectively wrong - and VERY wrong about the game. If you needed more evidence than the initial reception for Kan Ra (too weak), Fulgore (too weak), Cinder (OP), Kim Wu (not viable) etc. Fulgore is my favorite because he has been nerfed over and over since his introduction and every time “the community” responds by telling the devs they are crazy and don’t understand their own game and after all “if Fulgore is so OP how come no one is winning with him?” Then, IMMEDIATELY, like literally seconds after someone shows up with a Fulgore that wins they start crying for more nerfs - using the same argument, that the devs don’t understand their own game and just need to listen to the wisdom of “the community.” SMH


Anyhow - I digress - both Thompxson and Jago are amazing LOL


Very true. I think that some people have problems with certain characters when used a certain way. For me, I get beat more by people’s skill than with a certain character IMO. There are certain characters that I struggle with, and it’s mainly because there is a move from them I haven’t figure out the way around yet, and that’s more match up than that character is just OP. Just what I think.

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I believe every character is viable. However, a decent chunk of the cast requires much more effort and work put in then say someone like jago or thunder.