Behind the Sticks - BH|Thompxson

Coming off of his back-to-back Major wins, I had the chance to talk with BH|Thompxson. We discuss his history with Killer Instinct, how he trains, and if he’s ready to possibly take the Triple Crown by winning EVO! Hope everyone enjoys!


3-peat would be 3 years in a row…Triple Crown would be the big 3 events in one year. Lets hope he can pull the triple crown. (Also known as Grand Slam in tennis)…Im pulling for him to to win!


He definitely could. Let’s not underestimate other top dogs though.

Yeah, I like Nicky, Pink Diamond and Thompson. I actually used to not like Thompson…after he Tb’d Hadou at Kumate last year. But he has definitely changed and seems much more mature now.

Id like to see Pink Diamond win with Maya just to show the Maya so called nerfs arent a factor. Like I said the other day…I believe its all about the hunger of the player…not the so called S3 changes many big names are talking about.

We shall see soon! When is EVO exaclty?


Good catch!


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You are truly inspirational. I can’t wait to meet you in person at EVO.

Good read. Cool to hear that he was another 10-25 rank player in S1, and to see how far he’s come now.


Thompson will win EVO. Either him, sleep, pink diamond or a japanese. thats what i hope

Thompxson is a great competitor, and based on his personal skill and how special it would be, it would be pretty cool for him to win EVO. If he does, I think the competition for next year’s KIWC will become extremely important. Can you imagine the hype if he won that, too?

I have a personal grudge against Jago as a character, though, so I’d prefer for a couple other characters to win instead!

Sadly, balance changes really do matter, IMO. Spinal, Kan-Ra and TJ might be used as matchup snipes, but I just can’t see them being mained by anyone at a major level anymore. I just don’t see how anyone without a top Shago, Fulgore, Sadira, Wulf, Jago or MAYBE Rash will win.

Good on Thompxson for proving that hard work pays off - great to see a casual become a moneymaker! Just goes to show what a special kind of game this is, and how special the people are who play it.

I can really appreciate some good jago play.

Let’s go Thompson. Triple Crown. LETS DO THIS!!

I guess Bass making Top 8 using Spinal at CEO was a figment of my overactive imagination then? :open_mouth: And we’re really still saying TJ isn’t viable?

The funny thing about this comment is that only two of these characters are probably Top 5, and they’re probably not the two you think they are. We literally haven’t seen half of these characters in a Top 8 in months, and you say they’re somehow the only viable tournament characters out there? C’mon dude… :confused:

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Thompson seems like an amazing guy! I never got to meet him directly though at CEO. I should have said hello! He inspires my Jago. :slight_smile:

@TheNinjaOstrich and I got to see him take CEO from the front row.

That man played his heart out.

Hope to run into him again soon, online or otherwise!

Love his dominance with Jago. Good luck to him. I hope our forum members can avoid him at EVO.

That was a great read. Congratulations to Thompxson!

Someone playing Arbiter came in second at CEO, and sent Thompxson to losers before his runback in the finals.

No one’s arguing that balance changes don’t matter. But it’s a minor part of the equation. Not like the rest of those players don’t have a pocket Jago. They simply don’t play as well as Thompxson. Period. So he wins. Before CEO they were all crying that Fulgore was unbeatable. Then a guy playing Jago wins. Jago didn’t exactly get huge buffs since S2.

I was a S1-2 Glacius main. Lots of people complain about how great he is and that his S3 changes make him a beast. He didn’t win any majors in S1, S2 or S3. But the boards aren’t filled with Glacius mains begging for buffs.

that is super inspirational, that even if you are “ok” at the game, if you put in the work and have the dedication, you can climb up to the level. I love the fact that he said, the way to win, is to fight guys that beat you. There are a lot of them out there for me, I keep friending all of you as well, so thanks to all of you for challenging me. Working to get to your level one day.

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Perhaps, because you apparently missed the part where he switched to Cinder for top 8, having no confidence in Spinal at that level. The most played character in top 8 was Sadira, with Aganos being abandoned when he proved to be unviable and Riptor being knocked out by that character.

I noticed that you didn’t take issue with my Kan Ra statement, as his best player has now left him permanently. Did I miss the people playing high-level TJ these last few tournaments?

The reason I’m listing those characters is because I assume MyGod and Rico are coming back for Evo, and they bring Wulf, Fulgore and likely Shago (or Omen, if Rico wants to mess with people). Arbiter is good, and has been powerful on the Japanese scene, but now there’s tournament-level video on Sleep playing him (and, incidentally, losing). Let me know if one wins. Again, I’m talking about the person who will WIN, not the person who will have a valiant effort and lose.

@bigbadandy: FallofSeraphs76 literally said that he believed the S3 changes didn’t matter. And re: Glacius an equal number of people on the boards have pointed out that the armor changes and the nerfs to his Cold Shoulder have balanced out said beastliness at upper levels. So far they have proven correct. He’s a fun, mildly popular character at lower levels who just gets overwhelmed and has never been top tier or super popular, so you don’t get the legions of people complaining like the TJs, Mayas, Shagos and Wulfs did whenever that character was weakened.

Fight Fubuki sometime.