Behind the scenes?

where is the behind the scenes stuff they said that would be with the physical copy.

You have to download the DE app from the store, I believe all the content is in there.

Definitely worth it!

Season 3 stdk
Concept photos
All stdk

The app is actually on the disc, just intall it from the “ready to install” section. I put my disc in for the first while offline and everything was there so that’s good

what if i did the download and not buy the disc?

Yes i was wondering this myself, does the de app have any use for people who didn’t buy de?

The DE app is only available for people who bought the DE, so I guess the answer would be - no.

@rukizzel Do you have any plans about selling the app separately?

It is sold separately! It’s called the Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition. :stuck_out_tongue:


You are a bad person xD

No, seriously. Same question about Gargos extra skins?

well that sucks major ballz. i have bought each season at full price and now im screwed on the behind the scenes stuff. way to go way to go .

I have to say that giving some short of “reward” to people who purchased 3 ultra editions would be really kind…

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I’m loving using my mimic skns in multiplayer tho


anyone have video of it?