Beginner's Guide to Shadow Lords

Hey guys, I figure If start to compile some information that I feel will be help for newbies trying out Shadow Lords. I’ve played enough to unlock all the mimic skins, so I might have some helpful advice.

-Stick to Normal difficulty until you’ve accrued a sufficient amount of good items. As sexy as the Astral Plane may be, your journey to get it will only be made more frustrating if you don’t have the right buffs on hand. Get some high level Guardians (Legendary or Killer reccomended, though perfect rares are still very viable and sometimes better than their purple counterparts) and a big stock of consumable items for both your barracks and in match (at least a few dozen of your favorites, though getting as many as possible of any item you have available to you is reccomended).

-If you’re given the option to deploy, it might be your best option for completing some missions.

-There are 4 characters that have unique items permanently equipped to them: Kim Wu, Tusk, Mira, and Eyedol. These effects not only boost them in combat, but also boost the likelihood of success when deployed. Having on of these characters on your team can be a good way to safely complete higher level deploy missions without having to use as many booster items.

-Stock up on healing and resurrection items. Fights can be enough of a hassle on their own. Starting a fight at 20% life is an unnecessary complication. Phoenix Relics are nice too, since make the resurrection process a lot less expensive. There’s no shame in buying the healing packs from the Emporium

-The easiest guardian to use is the Fractured Ward. Because the armor bonus is passive, it can be applied to both offense and defense at any time without extra effort. If anything, it and the Ram exist to allow you to make mistakes without as much fear of penalty. They allow you to take more risks or deal withcertain strategies that would otherwise cause you trouble.

Edit: I’ll expand this list if ever I think of new ideas to add. Personal favorite guardians, loadout reccomendations, which fighters I feel work best, etc


1.Pick Tusk
2.Never stop spamming sword normals


If you can’t be omen or Gargos follow these steps

3.spam shoulder charge

But great guide dude.

Couple quick questions.

  1. What characters count as UltraTech aligned characters in Shadow Lords (for the UltraTech Leak questline)? I’m presuming ARIA, Riptor, Cinder, and Fulgore. Sadira, too? Kilgore?

  2. I watched a vid of all the story cutscenes for Shadow Lords and also read some of this So just wanting to confirm, if my team is Orchid, Cinder, and Eagle, I’ll get no unique or special cutscenes?

  3. is the only way to unlock Dossier entries for characters is to play as those characters in Shadow Lords?


  1. That would be them, yep. Fulgore/Kilgore, Cinder, Riptor, ARIA, and Sadira are all Ultratech fighters. For future reference, you can find out what Allignment characters have by going to the character dossiers and hitting sort. You can sort them into Order, Chaos, and Ultratech.

  2. Correct. Not everyone has cutscenes in SL. However Orchid and Cinder have arcade-like story modes to give some context for what they’re up to before Shadow Lords.

  3. Also correct, unless you own the Definitive Edition on Xbox/Win10. The material in the dossiers is available on the bonus app for most characters.

Ok, tyvm!

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Always happy to help!

Oh, forgot to ask, too. Are those unique cutscenes only when those characters are Leaders? Cuz don’t only Leaders get the character-specific quests?

I don’t think so. I’ve gotten Mira specific quests when she wasn’t my captain. Though I do believe you’re right that only leaders get the cinematics.

Right on, ok. Just trying to figure out the most efficient way to unlock as much info on the respective Dossiers as possible.