Before KI is finished

KI is one of my all time favorite games. But its still some things that I would like to see change. For example when selecting a character I like seeing the characters spin out and pose. If moving the character select box between characters brings out the character faster without having to see a loading icon would be cool. That’s just a personal example. What about you guys?

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KI2 music in practice mode. I doubt it can be that hard to implement :rage:


Add different animations to Mayas HK & MP autos instead of recycling the same move.

An online training mode for 1 on 1 interaction across XBL.


I need this.

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Fix animation ultra stages!

2 more seasons at least please


I’m not sure what you mean by this, but if it’s what I think it means, then I agree, because I would love for them to fix the falling animation on ARIA’s stage ultra. It’s so, so bad…

…and personally, even if it was meant to be cheesy in the 1st place, I still don’t like it and think it should be given a more serious tone of animation.


That’s why I want them fix falling animation!

[quote=“KevBones10, post:9, topic:5321”]
That’s why I want them fix falling animation!
[/quote]Glad to hear that we’re on the same page then. Who’s with us!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fix hair more than anything.

you want them fix hair but no animation ultra stages?

Of course but the hair was season one, a season before stage ultras, and is still the same.

Would you rather they give priority to season two fixes before season one corrections?

I would think they should fix stage ultras instead of hair that anyone can barely notice during a fight.

YES! KI 2 music and sort of stage-ish background in the training room!!!

Another thing I thought about was the story mode. The Season 1 endings ( where they flip thru scenerios in the end ) were different then the ones in Season 2 ( where they show scenes throughout the characters story after defeating an opponent ). In the near future hopefully every character ending has the same feel to it. If not then aye, at least KI is back.