Beauty and the Beast Teaser 2017

Okay, guys, if you all love the 90s Disney movies, then you’re going to love this

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To be animated or to be live action? That is the question.

The new one is live action

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Geez, at this point I won’t be surprised if all the Disney princesses got a live action adaptation.

Count on it.

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Just wait for the Lion King to be made live action, with African tribesmen replacing the lions.


I actually wouldn’t mind a alladin or mulan live action movie… Mostly to gawk at the actress for Jasmine…

Castleenvironments - I’m sold.

Now where did that Mirastage go?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Long Johns Pizza got a live action movie


Lol. That’s hilarious.

The Little Mermaid Should be next.

■■■■ it.

It’s really just photo realistic cg. Still tacky nonetheless.

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(Sigh) Why?.. Why do they want to remake Lion King?..

Pre-established fan base = money


Or CGI-animated/generated talking lions for that particular case

Now this new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie is a rather neat and interesting take (and at the same time remake, I believe) on the original, classic, and popular animated Disney film I must say

They just came out with a new official trailer: