Beating Kan Ra

Earlier tonight, I encountered a Kan Ra player who knew good setups and ways to play him. I am usually a Cinder main, but tonight I decided to play Shadow Jago and rank him up some.

Getting into it, I guess I’m having troubles beating Kan Ra the same as any character would. Maybe more so using a new character than a familiar one, but the mummy seems to have me pretty well beaten at the moment.

After getting beaten, but because he was a good sport and didn’t taunt or anything, I still wished him good games and said I need to find a way to beat him.

From my analysis of Kan Ra, he appears to be about the only “checkmate” character in the game who has you thoroughly locked down without hope, but that could merely be me speaking out of ignorance of the match.

One notorious situation is being cornered with at least two bug traps in the air set up from hard knockdown, where any movement in any direction or any special is flawed and beaten. If I jump up, the bugs have me and the sand trap he set up recaps and he combos. If I don’t jump, his long range grab has me and he moves me into position for bugs to recap. Move forward means I walk into the bugs because they are a big hit box, big enough to hit the very head of my character and keep him locked for grounded combo. Backdash puts me at risk of getting hit by his sand trap. No special of Shadow Jago’s is safe in this situation either, as the slide is throwable, the dive kick can’t get far enough to bypass the bug traps, so even if I get the hit, I take the bugs. Endokuken is just beaten out because once you’re grabbed, he’s projectile invincible, and His uppercut does little else than destroy some bugs, but the recovery would be punished by the sand trap most likely.

That’s just one situation of several, but this character is in general difficult to fight against with any character, save the teleporters maybe. I’m hoping someone can offer some wisdom with which to help in this fight. General advice is appreciated, though matchup specific advice is also welcome. I currently know how to play, Cinder (main), Shadow Jago (side), Thunder (best side), and Hisako.

Sorry but im on the same situation. Im a Cinder main and i would like some advice about what to do against a good Kan Ra

Well, season 3 has kind of change the game a little and as a result, Kan Ra isn’t quite the threat he was, at least, not in the same ways he was previously. Much of his setups, traps, and things have been impacted and have shifted most Kan Ra players to use different tactics. At the moment, I really haven’t played a lot of season 3 Kan Ra’s to know enough to give you very good advice, most of what I offer will be very basic.

I can say that aerial Trailblazer is extremely helpful in most cases as it tends to destroy sky level bugs real easily if spaced right (no real big effort, something you can get a very easy feel for in training). Staying on Kan Ra is important, and giving him any kind of distance begins to be risky to be momentum for his long game. Trailblazer gives you mobility needed to keep at him. However, be aware it will lose out to his j.HP if you are too close, that move is anti trailblazer.

I also say use aerial trailblazer because it will allow you more options and more room to cover more ground. Also, don’t be afraid to use the down forward followup where he does that super hero landing like deadpool talks about and causes an explosion. This will destroy bugs traps he sets up in front of him to keep you off him at face to face range.

Try to conserve meter for your shadow trailblazer if you can, some projectiles your just going to need the projectile invincibility, like Kan Ra’s shadow bugs. If you are keeping an eye on him, and you see him in startup for bugs, you can beat him out with shadow trailblazer easy. Also, if you have a fired up Inferno, it’s a great way to strike him at distance if you spot a moment, and if you have meter for shadow trailblazer, it’s a great way for a long distance opener into combo, as you can’t combo off inferno without shadow moves of some kind.

Inferno’s changes make it MUCH more useful in this fight, as it is an effective anti air to some of Kan Ra’s jumping normals, projectile destruction, distance fighting, adding potential damage, and opener if you can cancel into shadow trailblazer or some good shadow move. All three heights of the move are individually useful given different situations. More trial and error is needed for me to identify more matchup specific uses.

The pyrobombs can be helpful if you can manage to get them stuck to Kan Ra, but with the frequency he uses bugs, they can be difficult to connect with. His floaty jump though means any jump he makes with pyrobombs attached is really punishable since he can’t block them in the air.

A VERY big and important thing you should know. I encountered one Kan Ra player who was clever enough to figure this out in the middle of a set, and it can really make him SUPREMELY annoying. Basically, this player wasn’t doing so well at basic fighting styles with Kan Ra’s captures and traps, so he improvised and made an alteration to his gameplay to play a more lame, keep out style similar to the Fulgore vs Thunder matchup. So he would create a sand trap at mid screen and would NEVER move it for any reason. At this point, he makes it a point to make it extremely difficult to get to him, and puts himself in a corner, and when you get too close, he simply uses his sand trap teleport to return to mid screen.

This setup allowed him a constant runaway game, freeing him to do little hits for some measly damage, but allow it to add up over time. He could then either throw sand at mid screen, do his j.HK for a sand trap, or when you are at the mid stage position, use his tracking sand trap, or worse the shadow version, to give him another teleport point. Rinse, repeat, you have to be on guard for that player, and I’m not gonna lie, he’s gonna force you to think harder than most matchups you’ll have. It’ll turn into a thing of patience, time, and caution.

Since most Kan Ra players care about distance, it’s in your best interest to close it quickly and give him little room to breathe, and if he has a sand trap out, he will most likely teleport on wakeup if you are too close to him, since it is an invincible reversal. You can bait him to use it by standing over him and making him think you are gonna try something and punish him when he doesn’t connect it and is in teleport recovery (and given Cinder’s speed on trailblazer, even long distances aren’t too difficult to rush him down on for a punish). However, it’s incredibly difficult to deny him his runaway tactic, so realistically, I would say be more prepared to take advantage of a combo opening and get good, quick damage from short combos when you can, and just be prepared to chase him down a LOT.

Burnout his legs for the most part, as Kan Ra’s projectile and distance game is much more important to him and he will most likely want to use his spike and bugs moves more frequently than Whirl or grab. This will give him pause for thought as he uses tons of bugs and sand spikes and pours on the white damage. At this point, you may be chasing him down, but either he will have to relent a little on his projectile offense, or be pressured into SUPER perfect play, as one mess up will allow you huge damage. Not saying his punch normals or punch specials are not worth it to him to use, but you’ll see Kan Ra using moves to keep you out or pinned down (which are kick commands) and then under adequate conditions, he’ll switch to his punch specials.

That’s a good bit off the top of my head. Kan Ra is a pain no matter who you use to fight him, this is mostly Cinder matchup advice. Any good mummy player is gonna be adaptable though, so be ready to roll with the changes.

If there are any questions you have regarding anything specific, I’ll try and answer them as best I can, or I can try and hit the dojo and try to formulate a counter measure and get back to you. If there is any specific issue you are having with this fight, the more information you can feed me on the problem, the better I could help.

At any rate, I hope this information is helpful to you.


It is really helpfull. i havent fought many Kan Ras so i dont have any question for the moment. i want to figure out how is the matchup and im sure about this is going to help me. Thanks.

Kan-Ra? He got fucked over in the S3 Launch Update.

Since he’s a grappling zoner, you’ll need to get in close in order to give Kan-Ra problems. Since you seem to play Cinder, the flaming Deadpool attitude UT agent has a lot of close attacks under his…uhhh…flames? Like Fire Flash, Trailblazer, and that continuous hitting ball flame attack that I don’t even remember what it was called​:joy::joy::joy:

Shadow Fission? I’m guessing that’s the one you mean. Super + on block and does 11% chip damage, which is good for whittling down health and keeping on the offensive, but unless it can end a round or a match, I would recommend conserving your shadow meter, it’s much more effective for other purposes. I also wouldn’t recommend it for shadow linkers either, as every shadow linker of Cinder’s is SUPER easy to combo break, but has a side benefit of also being really good counter breaker bait.

Well, I’ll try to help when I can, but if there is a specific issue you are having, you’ll have to tell me more. My best advice though is to get into a fight like in exhibition against a Kan Ra player or two and see for yourself just how the match really goes for you.

Generally speaking, most Kan Ra players are going to start a match jumping away from you, and the moment the announcer yells “FIGHT!”, he’s probably going to use a jump normal like j.HP, use bugs in the air, or use the directly downward HK special to come out of the air and drop a sand trap. I would say at the start of the match, get in on him and don’t let him get far away.

Also, if you ever have the life lead, and he still wants to go extremely long range, let him. Almost all his distance attacks have pathetic, if any, chip damage, and you are better off being lame and blocking everything he tries to use, and his grab doesn’t go full screen so that option is eliminated. The life lead in this is going to change the mentality of the Kan Ra player and force them into an uncomfortable offensive the character doesn’t have an easy time establishing.

On his wakeup, if he has no meter and no sandtrap out, there’s little reason to respect his wake up, so be ready to meaty attack him on wakeup. If he has meter or a sand trap out, give him a little space or just be ready to block. He’s either going to get up and do Shadow Whirl, or use his teleport and use up his sand trap. Block either of them and you should be able to counter attack him.

Smart Kan Ra players will try and push you into a corner and pin you down with bugs and try to go for grapples to set up for a combo. Kan Ra’s offensive without his zoning powers isn’t that strong, so don’t let him walk you into a corner.

Unless you have anything specific to ask about, I’m not sure there’s much more I can add. If a more specific issue comes up that you have to face, let me know and I’ll try to help you out with it.


Yes the thing is that i fought only 2 Kan Ras so i dont even now what to ask but if i fight more Kan Ras and i keep loosing i ll told you something more specific. For the moment im find with all the advices that you gave me. Thanks for the help.

start at the 00:07:35 mark. theres about 25 minutes of footage

To beat Kan Ra you need to disrespect him and not allow him space to set up shop. It’s very easy to walk him into corners with smart play, so this should be your primary objective. Pure disrespect, Kan Ra is unsafe on almost everything.

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The Rodney Dangerfield approach. No respect.

Kan Ra may be unsafe on block for some of his moves, but if you are a little mindless in your approach, he can catch you though, so do exercise a little caution. For the most part though, I agree, get in as quick as you can and wreck.

Also, who is this guy? He’s one of the saltiest players I’ve seen. It’s difficult to watch him considering how salty he gets.

I think you hit the nail on the head on this.

@FARxKI If you want to play some matches sometime my main is Kan Ra. My GT is the same as my name on here if you want to add me.

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To beat Kan Ra you need to disrespect him and not allow him space to set up shop. It’s very easy to walk him into corners with smart play, so this should be your primary objective. Pure disrespect, Kan Ra is unsafe on almost everything.

If you prevent Kan from creating Scarabs, then you’ll have a better chance at disrespecting him, and pitbulling him to the corner. Be mindful of his Instinct though, because that will be his trump card to get out of whatever you’re doing to keep in cornered.

If you let him jump, even if it’s up, Kan-Ra can create a Sandtrap, and that will be the potential turn of the match…

Also, if Kan has meter, watch out for his Shadow Whirl. It comes out pretty fast, and seeing that it can be maneuvered, it can be a bit tricky to retaliate right away, especially since most Kan-Ra players either throw out a low, or jump and form a sort of offense or means of escaping.

Last thing, some moves may be “unsafe”, but that doesn’t mean it’s not safe from afar. Kan’s range is mainly mid to long range, so doing something like cr.MP~Sand Spike from long range is different than doing it up close. The unsafe moves force Kan to operate at the proper range for them to not be unsafe.

To whoever is asking for vs Kan-Ra advice, which character(s) do you use???

I started this thread back in season 2, but since season 3 launched, I’ve played more and developed an understanding of the match up. I had difficulty trying it from Cinder’s perspective, which in hindsight isn’t that difficult. I just want to find a counter strat to his run away gameplan now. I met one Kan Ra player who could not outplay me in the neutral or keep me out, so he changed up his strategy by always keeping a sand trap in the map center. If I cornered him, he’d teleport out and set up in the corner, making sure to use his sand spike to get a trap in the center as I passed that line again. Rinse and repeat, at that point, it was a desperate struggle to hold life lead and run. In the end though, I should have been more patient and cautious walking him to the corner, and used a ground approach instead of the air, since Trialblazer loses to Kan Ra’s j.HP all day. If I had been more patient, I could have got him.

Eventually, this just turned into a discussion where we basically shared some experiences on the matchup and got a discussion going for a bit.

As Cinder, getting in Kan-Ra’s face should be a breeze. You only have to worry about the long range game.

I feel Cinder players can easily outsmart Man players with relatively safe mixups, forcing Kan-Ra to use sacrifice at the wrong time.

Kan can’t handle crossups really well without a good read and sometimes meter. Even still, Cinder can still beat out most of what Kan-Ra can do.

In general, the key to beating Kan Ra is to keep pressure on him and don’t let him breath. Kan Ra can’t handle pressure very well. As soon as the match starts, get right in his face. If you keep him pressured he won’t have time to start his set ups.

If he does get a few set ups going, simply wait it out. Force him to come to you.

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Kan is also in wont to escape, so in a sense you have to consider those options while you keep him pinned down.