Beakman or Bill Nye?

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  • Bill Nye
  • Both

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Which of these two popular 90s childhood science television show hosts do you prefer? Which one do you like better or like the most? Or do you like both Beakman (Beakman’s World) and Bill Nye the Science Guy?

I like BOTH Beakman and Bill Nye as well as enjoy watching BOTH Beakman’s World and Bill Nye the Science Guy equally for me here. Also after all these years their science TV series are STILL pretty fun and informative as well as enjoyable, delightful, and entertaining to watch with a nice, healthy dose of comedy added to their shows’ format down to this very day and I will NEVER get tired of watching them either :wink: :grin: :smile: :sunglasses:

Between the 2 I’d say Beakman, but that’s because I never watched Bill Nye.

Though neither one of them had anything on Mr. Wizard.

…yeah, I went there…

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I grew up with both, but Bill was, and still is, real.


Only real in the flesh. Scientists who disagree with his climate change claims are silenced. I used to like him but he’s a total fraud with a bow tie.

Beakman had a rat as a sidekick, and Nye is a complete jackass to anyone who he disagrees with.

Beakman wins my vote by default. :telescope:


Well, I happen to agree with Nye on a lot of things, so…

Bill Nye! He made Science fun!

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