Bead Art Topic like in last forum!

This is just to renew the bead art topic:


Got my own Blaziken and Riptor

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Here are my 2 Retro Glacius


Someone asked me to do a Fulgore bead, its half finished, so you know the progress.

It’s me SkullGore, do you remember I was ask you about Fulgore bead? So, you did make Fulgore bead?

Its being worked on, I am going on vacation for 11 days starting on Tues. Its about 50% done. Since our names changed I needed to start a new thread. :smile:

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Good! I’m make sure if you not forget about me. :smile:

nah, I was actually making sure you guys still wanted it.

Well? So, you did finish Fulgore bead??

Almost, bead fell apart while in the final stages, so has to be fixed. It should be finished by end of next week.

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GREAT! When you finish Fulgore bead, I want you show me bead Fulgore.

As soon as its all finished I will be posting a pic.

The Bead is done!

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SHOW ME!!! :smiley:


so do you still want it?

Yes, I’ll pay you in December. Because I have lot busy with my family.
Is that ok?

That is fine, pm me about it from here.

Do you create your own templates, or do you find them somewhere? I remember having a kit for making things like this as a kid.

I find sprites online and use a program to make it into a pattern. I also can change sizes and stuff.