Battletoads Dark Queen should make it in as a guest...aince we are atuck with them

I think it would be super cool to see her in action finally, especially since we are stuck with guest, and iron galaxy went with a rivals theme for season 2 story.

There is already a guest discussion thread in the suggestion section of the forums. Also it won’t happen since they will only have a certain amount of spots open. They will probably pick someone from another franchise,

Will she giggle and skip and say ‘I’m kookoo for cocoa pops’ like Rash

No more than what bullshit comes out of Cinders mouth.

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Still hoping for Arbiter or Joanna Dark.

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Yes! Arbiter is perfect guest in KI season 3!

I think the Dark Queen would have been a better choice than Rash.

Nah. Let’s have one guest per series. It’s nice and all, but I don’t think the series needs another Battle Toads character.

I hope we only get ONE more character in KI as a guest, and let the rest be new characters to the franchise.

@Archonate79 the reason they chose Rash is because he was the games mascot, so most people will pick up on who he is right away. That’s taking a character like Big the Cat and putting him in smash instead of Sonic.