Battleborn - and discussing the comparison to Overwatch

Any love for this game?

Personally, I learned about this game a bit late, honestly. I heard about it when it was first announced, but then didn’t really follow it until just a few months ago. And I found that the game was HEAVILY compared to Overwatch which I had followed since day one, so I looked into it.

If you are truly interested in learning about why Battleborn is NOT like Overwatch, I highly suggest you watch this video:

So, to me personally, now that both games are out, I find that Overwatch as a game is not one I will buy and play. I have never been one for FPS games, and especially not ones that are heavily PvP focused, which Overwatch is ALL about.

However… Gearbox, the creators of Battleborn, are the people behind the Borderlands franchise which is the first FPS game I ever liked playing. I LOVE Borderlands! And if I had caught on to the fact that they are the same ones who made Battleborn, I would probably have followed that game alot more.

Sadly, due to it being compared to Overwatch, though they are so different other than the fact that they are both hero-based and FPS’, Battleborn has been overshadowed by the popularity of Overwatch. It is such an incredible shame, because Battleborn holds up as a unique gaming experience on its own. Unlike Overwatch, Battleborn has a single-player mode and is focused alot more on its MOBA elements rather than PvP arena shooter which Overwatch is all about. Again, watch the video above to see the clear differences on the two games.

And also, watch this sick intro of Battleborn:

It is so incredibly AWESOME, imo!

So far, my favourite character in the game is Rath.

What do you think of the game? Do you play it? What’s your favourite character? Did you actually see the videos I posted? If not… you should. :3

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I am really undecided about what game I want to play out if the two. I really don’t know where to start with multi-player team based games. They look cool but it seems like the market is being flooded with them. I play SMITE so it’s not like I don’t play it. It’s just that they don’t seem different then the convential ones in its genre.

If you liked Team Fortress 2, Overwatch is the game.

If you like Smite and other MOBA’s like it (and also Borderlands), Battleborn is the game.

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Battleborn it is.