Basic Understanding of Aganos [REDO}

I mentioned I was going to redo this because I didn’t seem to enjoy it as much when I first did it. I made sure to include jumping attacks this time.

I’m currently working on Part 2, as well as something else.


I didn’t like your last video either (no offense) and could never actually finish it, despite being an Aganos main, so I’m hoping this 1 will be different. :wink:

Small corrections/added details:

11:56 - His close and far versions of standing HK are actually different. The close version hits twice while the far version only has one hitbox with a longer startup.

23:51 - He can also link it after a close MP manual, a medium Pulverize linker, or a close standing HK manual cancelled after the first or second hit.

28:45 - Not just most normals… He can use ANY manual after ANY strength of Natural Disaster opener.

33:30 - It has unlimited armor. It stops DPs, but it also doesn’t beat anything that has armor, like Thunder’s Shadow Triplax or Glacius’ Instinct. It annoyingly also doesn’t beat a Hisako counter-hit if she has Wrath meter, because the hit stop on the armor gives her enough time to react with a counter.

37:00 - Cancelling into Ruin is Chunk dependent. I think above 1 Chunk, you can’t reliably use Heavy Ruin and at 4 you can’t use Medium Ruin.

40:26 - They don’t need to guess on the breaker. Any strength of breaker they press will break the recapture, no matter what strength you pressed.

49:50 - More of a side note than a correction: While this works against Jago, it won’t work against ARIA, because if you hit her while she’s in her ‘Wind Kick’, she’ll end up falling to the ground while you’re rolling across the screen, making you easily punishable.