Balls to the Wall a.k.a. "Dodgeball"

I just had a funny thought.

How cool/interesting would it be if Aganos could “bounce” his payload assault attacks off of his own walls, Mario Bros. turtle shell-style (also similar to Spinal’s skulls)? I’d imagine that the LP version would simply continue rolling along the ground, but back in the opposite direction off of the wall, whereas the MP version would have a slightly repetive bounce when it comes back off the wall, similar to how a stone skips across the water (similar to Glacius’ hail, as well), which could be useful for catching jumping opponents. Walls on both sides? Great! They’ll just keep bouncing back and fourth, provided the walls are still standing! Even better, if a chunk rolls/bounces its way all the way back to Aganos, assuming he doesn’t jump over it or otherwise get out of the way, to let it keep going, he could automatically recycle it for other uses later! The HP version, due to its shotgun-nature of combusting into smaller pebbles, would simply stay the same as it is now.

Now, something as cool as this, naturally has to be balanced. So here’s what I think would make a good trade-off:

  • when they hit the wall, they’d damage it by 1 point (out of its 3 hit-point total).
  • they’re solid objects, unlike Spinal’s skulls which can pass through each other, so if more than 1 is fired they will either bounce off of each other, again changing directions (and potentially doing even more damage to the nearby wall), or simply destroy each other outright on contact (with the former, this could be seen as more of a burf than a nerf, since the idea of 2 stones bouncing back and fourth off of each other could be used for great potential setups).
  • if the chunk hits an opponent after hitting a wall (or maybe even before, for balance reasons) the chunk is automatically destroyed, preventing Aganos from being able to recycle it automatically.
  • naturally, if there is no wall, there’s no bounce-back.

So, what do you guys think? Do you think it’s cool, broken, too weak, or what? Why?

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It’s an interesting Idea, but It seems a little hard to implement. I could definitely see the potential of having a low chunk bounce around while pressuring you opponent.

I don’t see how, though. All of the animations are already there - when a chunk rolls back, they simply use the about-facing animation of the rolling chunk. When it damages a wall, the wall has the same crack animation. They can use the same animation from Glacius’ hail to get the bounce-back to work. The animation of the chunk getting destroyed is also already in-game since you can’t fire 2 in-air chunks right after the other (the 1st chunk breaks mid-flight once you fire the 2nd). The recycle animation for Aganos picking it up could simply not be an animation at all (the chunk literally just disappears as it reaches him) or the animation for the peacemaker command throw or the chunk-up animation could be used for it.

Even more interesting is that you could nerf the concept even more, if necessary by having Aganos automatically go into these animations when it comes back to him (if it does), potentially leaving him vulnerable to attack unless he avoids his own chunk by jumping or whatever, while also making him more predictable with his own actions if these chunks are successfully avoided by both parties involved.

I like the thought you’ve put into it. Its one of those could be OP things that you really have to see in match-upa to know exactly how good it is, not like some other ideas that go in the extreme of way too broken or just useless.

Hmm. The concept is interesting, but potentially too broken either for or against Agi depending on how its implemented.

How about if when any of the payloads hits a wall, it scatters towards the opponent from the other side, leaving a lingering hitbox like how when Payload Assault is used without any chunks. The opponent (if nearby the wall) will have to then guard against the scattered chunks as a cross-up, leaving Agi some time to either approach or chunk again. MP Payload wall-off is an overhead cross-up, LP Payload wall-off is a low cross-up, and HP wall-off is a mid cross-up but travels the most distance after bouncing off; perhaps almost to midscreen.

The remaining rules proposed here would still apply: Payloads damage the wall 1 point, solid objects etc.