where is balance that ■■■■ game? 50% characters have big range for melee attack and 50% spam or jumpattack and cant play with a ■■■■ game.
■■■■■■■ stupid game. check ■■■■■■■ balance. cant play spinal vs sadira/tusk/shago.

Without videos it’s impossible to know what you’re doing against these characters, but if I had to guess you aren’t playing the matchups properly yet. Having a long reach does not automatically make a character win a matchup, and “spamming” or jumpins can be punished. I see this is your first post (welcome) so let me advise you now that structuring your posts differently will be a lot more likely to elicit help or instruction from our community members.

KI is actually incredibly well balanced once you really get into it. I don’t really know how to play Spinal but I can offer a few basic tips;

If people are jumping at Spinal, use crouching HP or QCB P to anti-air them.

When Tusk uses his big sword swings he has a lot of recovery. Block the hit and run in, or use Spinal’s teleport.

Power Devour is useful against specials, and will likely frustrate Shadow Jago and Sadira players.

Lol. Don’t post angry. Probably can just close this thread.


Anti-airs, my friend. They do wonders.

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Ah yes, the ol’ “make an account just to post angrily” routine.

Should we expect you to come back and elaborate on your frustrations so we can try to help, or was that all?


It would be in your favor to be more specific with your issues rather than just posting angrily. That way, it’d be easier for us to give you assistance. I played a bit of Spinal, so knowing where you struggle would give us an idea of where to start. For one, Spinal can adsorb specials and shadow moves, he also has a great throw that gives you a free skull. Shadow Jago relies a lot on specials so look for patterns, same with the others.

Again, should you genuinely ask for advice rather than just posting how you hate the game and the developers, etc. etc. feel free to let me know. I may not be an expert or the stat cruncher/frame data advisers like many of our fellow intuitive forum members, but I can also offer suggestions based on experience, like a war sergeant.

Balance? Your grammar could use some. Hard to understand stuff.

I’m genuinely curious to find out if the OP will come back.