Balance suggestions

First of all I wanna say that none of those characters really needs a buff but I think some of the cast could benefit from some minor buffs that would make them more competitive without making them really much stronger. I wont talk about all the characters because I obviously don’t know everything about all the characters and some of them don’t really need anything because they are already at the top but those are my suggestions for some of them.

Fulgore: Give fulgore normal shadow bars and keep his current meter as an additional meter like other characters have (maybe reduce the number of pips in that case.
He is the only character without the classic shadow meter, this change would allow him to get shadow meter as fast as the others even when losing. His old meter would charge in the same way and have the same functions like canceling special moves and the hype beam.

Omen: Slight damage increase or/and a shadow damage ender. Maybe a shadow damage ender that can only be done with all three bars but does massive damage like kan ras shadow damage ender or Maya with full pips. He can get shadow meter very quickly but needs it a lot too for his shadow form mixups and wakeups so I think it would still be balanced.

Aria: Only problem I have with aria is that if the opponent catches you in a combo for and you don’t break it, the next one will kill one of your bodies, however after the combo knockdown you either go for the instant body change and risk losing a lot of your new body’s health or trying to block as good as you can and try to open the opponent up, either way its very risky. My suggestion is to let her change body on lockdown, you would still be on the ground so your opponent would still be able to do everything he would do if you didn’t change, only difference is that you would be with your new body. Now the reason why I suggest this is that aria us the only character that gets weaker as the match goes on, but she doesn’t start off stronger. Starting even and becoming weak doesn’t seem pretty balanced.

Riptor: She is the only one that really needs a buff IMO. Changing her combo trait to increase the ender level as if the hits were all heavies (which they are) would be a good way to do this in my opinion since you could get to a lvl 4 ender more easily on the oponnents lockouts like sabrewulfs combo trait allows him.

Tj combo: Give him his 6 AD animations back, he got nerved a lot and I think the AD animations Nerf was that one Nerf that was too much.

Thats all for now, share your thoughts.

Having Fulgore’s devastation beam be its own thing would be really cool. Not sure how it would work balance wise but I like the idea.

Cinder is a solid character but he has a lot of holes. His worst matchup is undoubtedly Glacius who not only dominates at fullscreen but can abuse Cinder’s lack of a meterless invincible move with his high priority Cold Shoulder.

  • Buff MK FireFlash: give it highcrush property. Currently this move is pretty useless and Cinder is missing a move with highcrush properties. This would help out in the Glacius matchup in dealing with Cold Shoulder spam but wouldn’t be too overpowered.
  • Inferno sucks. Buff Inferno. I’m not sure what the purpose of the move is atm. Its range+recovery is too bad to be useful for zoning. The startup+recovery is too crappy to be useful for pressure. Personally I’d like to see a range increase. Maybe the heavy version could be closer to Fired-Up range…
  • Nerf Fired-Up trait. Either make Fired-Up trait available in Instinct Mode only OR make Fired-Up cost meter outside of Instinct Mode. This ability is pretty corny and encourages FireFlash spam. Limiting this would force Cinder players to rely more on cr.HP, pyrobombs and throw+detonate to start juggles.

Slight damage nerf across the board, especially his Shadow Clutch ender. His hit-and-run tactics are too effective. Its so easy for Kan-Ra to land a juicy combo and then chip away at your opponent as you retreat, creating a maze of Sand Spikes and Swarms.