It would be pretty cool to have additional badges with pixel arts next to our name. Nothing significant of the sorts, just some random badges based on certain milestones either associated with the forums or the game. It would also be nice to showcase these badges as accomplishments for being apart of the community.

Some ideas:

Have been mentioned more than 100 times

Retro Gamer
Played more than 100 hours on the classic Killer Instinct’s.

Modern Gamer
Played more than 100 hours on Killer Instinct.

[Character Name] Master
Played 100 hours online with [character name]



I would love this, especially the Character badges.

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I love the character badges, so I can count on a jago, saber, and riptor master badges


I’m down for having character badges. Especially if they look that cool.

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Would love this

Let’s make it happen, what do you think @rukizzel?

Count me in now :slight_smile: :grin: