Bad Shin Hisako match ups

I need to know this who does she struggle with the most? I need a way to counter her.

what’s you main issue with her?

Pretty much everything but its the instinct I have issues with and her knockdowns are crazy to.

The thing with her instinct is that her aim is not to land it but to force you to do mistakes to avoid it and put you in the wringer for it it. Sometimes eating it is the best option in some cases because it resets the game to neutral.

Shinsako’s mixups and pressure isn’t that astounding because it’s pretty reactable but the instinct forces you to respect it and potentially succumb to it but even then the instinct isn’t that exceptional. That is because if you eat the instinct Shin Hisako doesn’t have the utility it brings anymore! If you get hit no need to worry because she can’t hurt you with it any time soon.

Shin Hisako’s instinct is just used then it’s done. With you others you have to deal with it for the full 8 seconds that either amplifies who they are or cover a weakness.

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Well no character deals with instinct better than others. They’re all kind of stuck dealing with it. As for dealing with her knockdown mix ups characters that can go invincible like mist, shadow form, liquidize, crow dash, etc. are all pretty good options. Kim counter also stops her set ups pretty hard. Characters with down up reversals like Cinder or Wulf can also stop the mix ups easier than others. Or you could just pick Aganos and enjoy easy wins in general.

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Honestly unless I’m in danger I don’t worry about her instinct at all. I just let the hands grab me. Especially if I’m at a life lead. 20% vs her using that to constantly open me up? I’ll just take the 20%. Also as said before aganos toys with her. Omen also beats her pretty bad and zoners seem to trouble her in general

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She has 4 enders that you need to be aware of to factor in her pressure

Wall splat
HKD which does as it says
Damage ender
exchange/launcher and launcher.

Shinsako’s damage ender is 2-3% weaker then her normal damage ender, not only that it has worse/limted Oki. Only Shadow damage ender is worth it to end matches or to slap on to juggles from her exchange ender to cash out but asides from that it’s bad.

So we limit Shinsako’s ender’s to 3 and one situational choices. All of them have great stuff to work off of because HKD has~ 60’s frames on the floor, the exchange has ~130-140 if you opt for Oki and wall splat has throw or sweep also in the ~60’s.

ShinHisako can do projectile meaties, normal meaty+projectile. Her normals have range so if she’s scared of reversals she can make do with a projectile meaty and although lose the 1st hit damage bonus work from there with. In general her mixups are on the easier side of reactable but she can catch you out with some 2-4 times