Bad Habbits

This is pretty much what it sounds like, talking about bad habits that we do in KI. Most of my bad habits are with Aganos (my main) and Sarbrewulf (just learning).
With Aganos, I find myself using natural disaster far too much and get punished often (as I should). I also like to prioritize walls over chunks (which can often leave me chunkless).
As for Wulf, I tend to go for his overhead way too much (which will b even slower in Season 3).

Hopefully, writing these down will help me improve my game and knock these habits. Go ahead and put down your bad habits and maybe it will help you eliminate them. We aren’t perfect, but we are all willing to improve.

As Riptor, running trying to set my foes on fire. That’s my bad habit.

Cinder- I keep usin trailblazer even though I know it’s bad priority gets me hurt almost all the time.

Riptor- I get into predator stance on my downed opponent, knowing FULL well they could wake up attack and knock me from them.

Fulgore- I sometimes use heavy cyber dash at close range when the light version would of been better.

Hail setups with Glacius. After playing in a tourney recently I’ve learned that doing MP Hail, then trying to mixup with c.MP is very difficult to nail multiple times.

Riptor - Not handling pressure when in predator stance.

Sadira - Dropping Air-Combos.

My worst habit is if I play a match as Aganos(my main) after I play a match as Shago (my tertiary) I will dash a lot more than I should(which is none) because I love doing Shago’s teleport dash.

Pushing buttons too early, in general. Mistimed meaties, missed juggles, auto-doubles that were supposed to be manuals. I need to get back in and play for a week straight.

Jumping, and Jumping HP with Jago.

Overuse of Spinal’s slide kick, and repetitive combos lol

Poor anti-airs in general.

using Omens CLK instead of CLP gets me low-crushed and stuffed ALL DAY.
And i reflexively confirm into heavy slide (unsafe) instead of light slide (safe).

My bad habit is breaking to often and guessing to often. When I make a read and get it right its glorious, but when they change it up, it turns out as a horrible guess instead of a glorious read.

And not enough counter breakers… thats a bad habit of mine too.

My worst habit its trying to grab my opponent a lot. This leads me to 2 scenarios:
1-getting throw baited a lot
2-getting a lockdown for expecting a throw after a jump in

My bad habit is button mashing. I know what I am trying to do, but I really need to work on being deliberate and purposeful when I play.

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Guess breaking manuals.

Ah same here I ■■■■■ that up to.

Running similar wake up setups and poor anti airs - Jago.

Bad Tail flipping, and grabbing when there is nothing to grab.

Probably more to it then that.

Guess breaking for me.

When I break heavies, I try to convince myself I read it, but deep inside I know it was a guess break…or is it?

Jago-Using Windkick for pressure instead of lasersword.
Fulgore-Using Cyberdash instead of laser.
All-Going for short combos all the time.

Yeah I can vouch for you there. There are a few games I’ve beat you online where I felt I should have lost. You’re a damn good player though man, work on those kinks and you’ll body me.

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