Backdashing and You: Quick Survey

Playing a character with no wakeup really gets you thinking about how to escape uncomfortable situations. But am I defenseless as many may think?

Recently, I have seem to really appreciate the art that is the backdash. It has 8 frames of invincibility I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) and it has gotten me out of many situations and allowed for counter attacks. It is really useful in the corner to whiff some attacks. I even have used backdash on wakeup with characters that have a defensive option.

It has even incorperated into some of my offense as well. Take my Jago for instance, a lot of the time after a Fwd. HK, I’ll backdash then Fwd. HK again. It catches a lot of people off guard actually and lands me a combo. Doing something slightly unsafe or even on block and then bbackdash can lead you to whiff punish a normal.

A lot of others seem to use a backdash to come in and out of their opponents range. So I ask you all

Do you use back dash and how do you use it?

I am talking about using backdash in an offensive or defensive manner. Not for movement. Basically is your use of backdash either to avoid attacks or find openings.

Riptor is a special case since she has a backrun.

So answer below and discuss any uses of backdash in your play, or even an argument that it’s not a good option at all.

  • No, I do not backdash. Only for movement
  • Yes I backdash, but only for defense
  • Yes I backdash, but only for offense
  • Yes, I backdash for both offense and defense
  • I main Riptor and of course I backdash!
  • I main Aganos and of course I backdash!
  • What’s a backdash?

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Thanks for reading!

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I’m trying to incorporate backdash to my gameplay, after I heard some advices from @FallofSeraphs76. As an Omen my wakeup is always L.Orda, L.Orda and… L.Orda! If I have meter I do Shadow Form sometimes. I trying to reeducate myself to stop this and trying to block more and make more use of backdash. The problem I have with backdash is that his range is kinda meh for Omen, like most characters actually. Few characters of the cast have a good backdash. Another problem I find with backdash is that he’s almost uselles in certain MUs. Take Hisako for instance. If I backdash against a smart Hisako, she’ll catch me because of the range of her attacks. A lot of stuff doesn’t work against a smart Hisako on wakeup actually, you have to guess right watch she’ll do :sweat:

Backdash is great, if your character has a good one. Not every character does, though (eg, Aganos). But if you have a good one, I think you should kinda abuse it. For a lot of characters it’s hard to stop, especially if they also have a reversal.

Backdashes are invincible from frames 1-7, and additionally throw invincible for 4 more frames after that (8-11).


Backdash is good. Use it. Like all good things. Moderation is key. There was a time i thought back dash was the only answer. Don’t use it more than you have to. Nothing worse than being predictable.

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I played some good old Wulf players from South America that would let me clear backdashing wasn’t the best option on my wake up. I do it depending on the character I’m using or facing. If anyone wakes up backdashing every time (or dashing through) I feel challenged. “So, you don’t want yo deal with my meaties? Ok, lets dance”

I’ve always felt backwashing is the “safe” option. By that I mean you could make a read that someone is going to throw you and tech it, jump it, or use a throw invincible opener. You could make a read that they’re going to press buttons and dp them. You could make a read that they’re going to try something unorthodox and just block it out. Or you can just backdash and avoid almost all those options without really having to worry about much but you really don’t get a punish on anything but big whiffs.

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I only back dash for mobility & spacing purposes… you know… because I got Vengeance and Good old fashioned blocking for everything else… but boy oh boy am I susceptible to command throws… lol… I don’t think I’ve ever escaped a command throw attempt… thats my bane.

If I’m honest I’m not a huge fan of Invincible Maneuvers of any type, offensive or defensive. I much prefer Armor over Invincibility… it just feels more right.

My name is Aganos!

When I use Eyedol or Gargos, I use to backdash on defense with them, specially during Mage’s stance. After years using Glacius and Aganos, I conditioned myself into NOT regularly backdash, so I rarely use it on offense with other chars (which is bad), and I use it fewer times than I should on defense (which is worse)


It’s a sin to not take advantage of 8 frames of invincibility. Altough careful with multi hitting normals like Mira’s B+HP.

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For Hisako neutral jump and then land with a grab or a crouching light attack hit confirm into combo. Most Hisakos try to catch counter you on the way down for an easy grab> instinct cancel> slide> combo and they usually do the high counter so landing and doing a crouching light hit confirm works well too.

I usually only back dash out of my own blocked attacks…not on my wake up. Most meaty attacks catch you if you wake up dash.

Try back dashing when your attack gets blocked, then come back in with FWD HP, or just block, or jump, light slide, ect…

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I play Glacius. So backdash is not really a useful tool in his kit. Hence my answer to the survey. For some more mobile characters it’s a huge value tool.


Shadow ragged edge is a wonderful tool against compulsive backdashing.
I’ve always liked how Jagos F.HK can easily deal with that, no need for a shadow.
Still, many characters have something to deal with that. It’s all about timing.

This is true. Backdash is not an invincible superpowered move. But I think the point of the OP (he can correct me if I’m wrong) is that lots of people simply don’t do it at all. Which is like tossing s tool from the toolbox and leaves them looking for “answers” to situations where a backdash might be a good option.


Oh sure, I think it’s a great tool

I use it for defense but only when I remember that’s even a move lol, I’ve screwed myself over on many occasions because of this.

If you are talking about Shago his back dash is IMO one of the best in the game.
That’s why I said I’ll use it depending on the character I use, still it’s very strong when used effectively.

Everyone really but I mostly use Omen, Shago, and Kilgore online.

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When I play Hisako? Nope. :slight_smile:

But yeah, really just depends on context. In KI I use it defensively (for everyone I play except Sako), but in GG or DBFZ it’s used heavily in neutral for positioning and general movement.

Hm. Kinda right, kinda wrong for both of these I think. Hisako is good at calling out backdashes, but maybe not in the way that you’re thinking @MariusStriker. If she’s meatying you with a button from close range, for instance, you’re actually pretty safe to backdash in most instances. The only meaty normal she can use to consistently stuff backdashes is cr.MP - cr.MK is too fast (and thus not active enough), and while far HP/HK are solid, they have close-range forms that are very backdashable. Range is less important than how active a given move is in stopping backdashes. 8 frames of invulnerability is a lot, so either you need something that’s active as balls (Hisako cr.MP/possession), or something that you can mash out quickly to both meaty and catch the backdash (half the cast’s cr.LK).

@FallofSeraphs76 Backdash will cleanly beat most meaty attacks actually. There are a ton of meaty setups/options that will punish wake up backdash, but that’s because they’re layered, and not simply because “meaty > backdash”. It’s like anything else in FG’s where it’s important to know the context behind things. You can actually backdash a lot of really nasty meaty mixups in KI; it’s just important to know when you can’t because there’s a probably a second layer behind it.

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Yes, this is the word I wasn’t finding. Active. I knew that range wasn’t the problem, because backdash will give you invincibility regardless of the distance of the incoming attack. Possesion is a good example. If I backdash on wakeup and Hisako uses possesion, my invincibility will end and posession will still being active, thus I’ll get catched.

Most Hisakos use that crouching MP like 90% of the time…that’s the move that he is probably thinking of that’s catching him and that’s definitely the move Im thinking of that catches me. So I don’t back dash against hisako on wake up due to thats what the average Hisako will constantly throw out and then cancel into rekka-combo.
Im sure there are a ton more option that players of your calibur use and mix up…but the average Hisako does that same set up over and over and over. So its a good place to start avoiding the back dash against her.