Back story?

Is Omen gonna get a back story after riptor or will he be just skipped because he’s a bouns character like Shadow Jago. I would personally like to see how Omen formed and became the Herald.


Yeah, the same here now concerning Omen’s potential new expanded backstory in KI :wink: :slightly_smiling:

Hopefully he does so far all we know about him is that he manifested a body, caused chaos, invited sadira to the shadow bros, and got beat up by aria. As for shago he might get a story after aria since he was technically the last character to come out but that’s only if omen gets one.

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Hopefully every character (even Rash) gets a nice lengthy backstory like the ones they have been putting out. I think Rash’s could be hilarious, especially if they make it meta and tell a mini story about Battletoads and then somehow try and link it to KI haha

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I feel like it would be funnier in just the opposite way - “Have you seen Battletoads? He’s from Battletoads.”


I’m thinking they’ll probably skip him but you never know.