Back Story Release Time Frame?

Eagerly waiting for the Fulgore back story, but are the stories going to be released every other Monday now? Just would like to know what the schedule for them is that way I don’t have to continually check the site if it’s not happening.

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Same. Last time they had Spinal’s come out. They had originally said every Monday, though I’m willin to excuse Orchid and Spinal’s delay.

I assume it’s post-poned because they must really want to be careful with him.

I am thinking of all the characters backstory, Fulgore’s is probably one of the most anticipated…so I can understand them wanting to nail it, I just would like there to be some notice that hey, it’s late, but it will be out this day.

It will? when? I haven’t herd anything about it being out today.

no, I think you misunderstood. by this day, I meant that would say which day exactly it will be ready.