Back stories

Continuing the discussion from Evolve or Die:

Absolutely amazing write-up for a backstory. Very entertaining, I was not even very interested in this character until I read this. I am not sure who is responsible for writing these back stories but I have read them all and they are very good. I want to thank whoever wrote them and hopefully you are given a promotion of some sort.


Last week on Tuesday’s MS stream the introduced the guy who writes the back stories. I’ve forgot his name…

I too though the ARIA “diary” was very well written. Maybe the best of the all. I love the timeline format, and the fact that you trace her all the way back to her origins. I also like the mystery that was baked into it, the fact that it is implied that she hasn’t completed her evolution, and that when she does…she’ll know where to find the “marble”.

All in all, very well done.


Noble, I think it was.


When will they do s3 stories

It would be really cool if they decide to surprise us next week with shadow jagos story where it explains what’s going on inside his head through jagos eyes and his inner struggle to purge omen. I know they have the talent to make it but I won’t get my hopes up.


I just want to know who canonically defeated him. They may want it left ambiguously as “a member of the S1 cast”; but I have a feeling it was Kim Wu due to who she’s fighting in her trailer, (they’ve used trailers as subtle hints before).

Who defeated Shago? We already know, Jago did.