Awesome comebacks and other spectacular KI moments

If you’ve got an awesome comeback you would like to post or if you have any other pretty cool KI moments, share them here:

Here’s my first submission:


That was nice I’ll try and add somthing

I’ve got a gnarly RAAM comeback. I’ll post it once I get home later.

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Can’t wait!

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this is an oldie but goodie. I got some other ones i could try and upload


I almost shat myself multiple times just watching!

On my quest for tech I came across this

This guy was slightly salty lol it was a fun match though.

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I seen that…Young Cam is from Louisiana and he thinks he is the best Jago besides Thompson. He is pretty good, but a little too cocky IMO.
How did you get the chat sound into the Xbox clip on the Xbox social feed?

I heard him mention Thompxson, also something with best but it was a bit muffled due to the sound. Well, at least he wasn’t bad to play against, his commentary was entertaining and he acknowledged it was a good match. It was 2-0 in the first set then I saw him again in a run back and went 2-0 again, as you saw I nearly lost. He’s pretty good but has a ways to go. I’m not even in line amongst the best Jagos, just learning through.

I’m on PC so it picks up any external sounds. It’s actually quite annoying because I often listen to music. I actually paused it to hear what he was saying.

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He prob said “Im the best Jago besides Thompson” lol
I heard him yell Awww thats BS! lol

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My first KI comeback. But this video make me cringe because I was noob player. lol

Scary comeback ever… This happened to me last night!