Average Rank Score

I’m just curious about what the average Ranked score is for my fellow Killers.

My average Rank for the year falls somewhere between 150 to 200 in Killer.

My average score generally falls as low as 11,000 to as high as 15,000 points.

Even though I’m not anywhere near 32 as of yet, I’m proad of that achievement.

Anybody else care to share?

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I don’t play ranked too often. However when I do,I tend to stay around the 1000-2000 score. It is mainly a lack of time for ranked grinding when I can be finding new tech in the training room instead.

True, I do spend hours in Practice trying to perfect manuals and other tech that I’ve learned.

I don’t often play ranked. I’m not that great so my scores would be considerably low for a Killer player.

Maybe in the new season, I will try to be more active on ranked matches.

ussually 200-300, but sometimes higher or lower

Well I stopped actually playing as much as I used to so right now I’m always in the 500-1000. But back when I did actually have time to play the game I would sit between 70-150. Top 32 was always one night’s grind away for me but I just never felt motivated to do it. (until they started giving world cup points but for those you really have to come in first for it to matter so it’s a month long commitment.)

Mine is extremely inconsistent, it could range from 7k-15k. It mostly depends on the releases.
I’ve been delving into the Souls series, and with DS3 around the corner, i’m sure I won’t hit top 32 anytime soon.

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I’ve only ever played through ranked once, so I don’t really have an average. My placement then, however, stands at #95.