Avengers Endgame

Well, did it for Infinity War, so figured I’d do it for Endgame. Here’s a topic if people would like to discuss.

I’m an absolute hater of spoilers, so all I’ll say is it serves as a fitting culmination to a saga 11 years in the making. Hope you all have a great time with it too :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve removed it from the title, but will say here instead that as this is a thread that discusses the movie, it is quite probable that spoilers will eventually be down below. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to be spoiled on anything, then proceed very much at your own peril.

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Just adding a little note to the title of the thread, in case anyone does want to discuss specifics. Hope it helps allow discussion while protecting people from any spoilers. I will be avoiding this thread like the plague because I’m uncertain when my girlfriend and I will get a chance to go.

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I fly out for a weeklong work trip tomorrow. I plan to take my son to see this when I get back. Hope everyone enjoys it.


Not sure when I’ll see it but I had to read some of the spoilers as I’d heard rumours about the ending that just didn’t sit well with me. Thankfully they were false and it sounds like a nice conclusion to the series overall.

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It was pretty dang good. I think I liked Infinity War more as a standalone film, but Endgame is by large a very solid finale to everything the MCU has done so far.


good movie

but i like the comics more. lol

Is it true the movie is over 3 hours long? I don’t think I can sit through a 3 hour movie at the cinema may instead end up getting it on Bluray

Yes, Endgame is 3 hours and change. For what it’s worth, it’s a very “quick” 3 hour movie - it felt a lot shorter to me that its runtime would suggest :thinking:

I liked it. Was hoping to see more Thanos but an Avengers’ movie is still about the Avengers, so I get it :slight_smile:

First movie in a long time that I watched until the end, even though it was three hours.


stay off the net, you got ■■■■■■■ yahoo.com throwing out spoilers on their story ledes

Just finished it.

I thought it was good. I liked the rising action more than the end though. I’m a fan of tie-ins to previous movies which this one did a good job on.

Yeah I finally took the family. Everyone liked it, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping for a bit more payoff maybe? Or maybe the hype was too much? I don’t know. I’m not generally someone who agonizes over the way a movie goes but there were a lot of cool and clever ideas in here that they could have done more with. And they went halfway. Maybe I’m just too jet lagged to appreciate the wonder of it.

My son really liked it but was really, really inconsolable about the death of tony stark . Poor kid was crying the whole car ride home… :cry:

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my thing was optimus prime when it was the transformers movie lol this generation of children enduring the death of a hero is tony stark.


I thought the payoff was good. The narrative did feel a little odd as a follow-up to Infinity War, but that’s time-travel stories for you.

Only things I disliked were how I felt they went a bit too far with treating Thor like as joke in the movie, and how the fairly thorough epilogue didn’t seem to touch on what Gamora was up to at all despite her being left in the strangest predicament out of everyone in the end.


Yeah, there are a number of inconsistencies - which is perfectly fine for a comic book movie. And I understand completely that there’s a huge cast and everyone can’t get a huge detailed arc. But there are some things that I just thought fell flat. Again, I’m not trying to convince people not to like it. I just felt a little disappointed and I usually don’t feel that way in MCU movies.

Here’s my nitpicks:

The Hulk has no redemption and basically does nothing in this movie. Where even is he during the final battle? Might as well have just been Bruce Banner.

Fat Thor is both an amazing joke, given Hemsworth’s famous hard body status and a surprisingly effective representation of the emotional toll of infinity war on the character. But again, I would have liked to see a little more payoff.

The Hawkeye Vs Black Widow fight over who will be sacrificed for the soul Stone was amazing and also appropriate for both characters. And they make a big deal out of how this is for keeps. But Gamorra just walks out of the past. No problem. :man_shrugging:

Captain Marvel’s role in this is basically zero. She got a whole movie, and was the “cliffhanger” ending to infinity war, but her role in Endgame is easentially superfluous. One fun visual effects scene during the end battle

i like the idea of Captain America’s wrap up bit it somehow didn’t feel very emotionally satisfying.

I mean so yeah, these things may sound picky. But I came out of it feeling a bit let down. I did like a few of the decisions they made:the way they revisited scenes and places from earlier MCU movies was a clever idea, worked well and really felt appropriate for this film

scarlett witch had the best payback scene in the movie.

Tom Holland as spider man is basically awesome sauce, and I like the way they have introduced the character to the MCU.

Haha. fat Thor was definitely one of my least favorite things about the movie. Thor’s one of my favorite characters, but I genuinely like him more when played more seriously. Alone in all the cosmos, I actually really didn’t like Ragnarok much at all for precisely that reason. I vastly prefer the first and second Thor movies to it - I hated how everything in Ragnarok was played for a joke. The route they took in Endgame was too similar to that for my tastes. Though I will say the Russos talking about why they went that route of keeping fat Thor even for the final battle made sense and made me like the decision a bit more.

And I’m tired of writing out the spoiler tag, so SPOILERS BELOW: :joy:

I’ve seen a few people talk about how Hulk didn’t do anything, but I actually didn’t mind, and think his role was way more important than people are giving him credit for. All Tony did was snap Thanos and a few thousand people out of existence right in front of him and he died immediately after - Banner had to un-snap trillions all across the universe. I think the strain of pulling it off would’ve killed any other Avenger in the process, i.e. I don’t think they could’ve done it at all.

The Hawkeye/Black Widow scene was actually one of my very favorite parts of the movie. I thought it was incredibly well done, especially given how little screentime these characters have had over the course of the MCU. And the music hearkening back to the Gamora moment in Infinity War was :ok_hand:t5:

I actually think Gamora walking out of the past was ok. One of the really cool things about how Endgame handled its time travel was that it simultaneously managed to fix things, while still acknowledging the pain of what had happened. Quill’s Gamora is dead, and remains so. All the memories he built with her, the moments they shared, the times they saved one another’s life, all of that is still gone. Whatever happens with new Gamora will be almost with a different person, and her walking out of the past doesn’t change that.

Captain Marvel was one of my few gripes about the movie (I had 3). I actually really liked her standalone movie, but she irked me greatly in Endgame. She was just entirely too smug about everything, and her ridiculous level of power just made it seem like nothing ever challenged her. I’m honestly curious how they’ll handle her in future movies - she was kinda broken in Endgame I thought :sweat:

SO my question is, what next? They took out Thanos, so who’s next? Dormmamu?

Black Widow Movie

Yeah, you’re pretty lonely on this one for sure. But hey, different strokes.

Not sure if I should buy the Blu Ray for Endgame. Just bought Infinity War. Thanos made me do it. I never had a chance to see IW for a second time in the movie theater.
I probably should get Endgame as well just for “completeness” sake. Thoroughly enjoyed it but just cannot remember most of the movie except the long build up (which was nice). IW had more of an impact on me but Endgame is still very good.