Automatic "Mute All Opponenets"

A nice addition to the game would be a toggle switch to automatically MUTE all online opponents. You could press Y to UN-MUTE. I dont like how players can out of no where turn on music mid match to distract you when during character select you could hear nothing so no need to press mute.

they are low down players out there that will do anything and everything to distract, disrespect, and just straight up annoy you if they have the opportunity.
I also do not like the fact that my kids can be playing and some jerk off starts running his mouth cursing and saying racist remarks and you cant MUTE him during the match.

@BlitzedKraig @TotalJimkata @developers How difficult would this be to implement? Basically reverse settings of the way its currently set up. Instead of MUTE player you would UN-MUTE player. Or have a menu option to reverse the setting.



What bothers me is that it is always Rap music, or some other R&B crap. I have never had a match vs anyone who turned on great music like NIN, Tool, or Marilyn Manson.

I think the mute thing would be cool to change. It just sucks that cool people can’t ever meet because of the large amount of D-bags.


A lot of the time its them using their Kinect to vice chat…its just always on so they dont realize we can hear everything going on in there house at a high pitched treble screech! lol

THen there are many they know exactly what they are doing. But you are right…its never metal …always some BS

When I read what you said about their kinnect always being on, all I could think of was how much fun I could have saying really twisted things during a match.

“Did you Hide the body, so the cops won’t find it” :smile:

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Very good idea, I highly support it.

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What do y’all have against Rap…

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Makes me think about the Def Jam remake that’ll never happen

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I make a party for myself, invite only and play offline in order to: no let anybody out if I’m playing solo mode and most important: not hearing the other player in the middle of the match.

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I think it can already be done on the windows version at least, by typing “settings” into cortana -> confidentiality(or something like that) -> microphone -> deactivate killer instinct.

I first did that just to be sure that I wasn’t using mine without noticing but I’m prety sure I didn’t hear any one speaking since I’ve been using that option. So maybe that’s what you’re looking for, perhaps you should try it, although you won’t be able to use your microphone with this.

Sorry, this came to my mind really quickly XD

I’m always on party with friends, so I never hear the other players while playing KI

Or I could just hit mute before the match…but my point is it should be the other way around. You shouldn’t have to mute people with the possibility of forgetting or going deep into setting ect… It should be as easy as it is now but the opposite way…Unmute. Or a toggle switch to just turn off chat all together quickly in the KI options menu.

I can live with the way it is currently…but the idea of it being more geared toward the player they DOESNT use it to be annoying and less to the players that use it to be jerks.

So if you are in a a party, the KI online opponent cant not transmit through as normal? Hmmm…interesting… thanks for the tips @MaruMDQ and @Dayv0


Exactly. You can’t hear them at all(And they can’t hear you)

Does it bother you that much that people don’t share your taste in music?

I don’t play multiplayers alone. But I don’t like hearing people in fighters.

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I totally understand, I don’t like it either, in any game. I like to hear my friends, nothing more


To be honest, I have to disagree with you, and I think that the current way (or using a party) is the best way to do this.

I will often mute my (random) opponents if they’re transmitting static, loud background noise, talking to someone next to them, or just playing music. Pressing Start before selecting my character has become a habit in those situations, so it isn’t something I really have to think about.

I have had situations where my opponent isn’t making noise or saying anything until after the point where I can mute them, and that is annoying (the party chat route will bypass this altogether), but I’ve also had people start chatting to me or calling out things like “good break” or “nice overhead” mid game (when I had no idea they had a mic) who I’ve then had a conversation with.

The problem with auto-muting is that you will not EVER have a clue what kind of person you’re up against if everybody is always muted. Imagine the people from these forums who you enjoy playing with and talking to and pretend you didn’t meet them here; if everybody started off muted (and you’d probably never unmute anyone if the goal was to not listen to the annoying players since you can’t hear them in the first place) you’d have missed out on meeting cool people and then having a new person to play online with.

You can manually “auto-mute” players by pressing start before selecting your character, and you’ll never be forced to skip that chance by your opponent, and I think making “always mute: on” a default would actually be far worse for the game and a community as a whole. I actually think the teabagging and excessive taunting which bother people would be more frequent because someone looking to piss somebody off would know they can’t be heard and would need another method to troll by.

Thats why this is about a toggle switch to have either or. I see your point, but that doesnt mean it works for everyone. A choice is always best. The trolls far out weigh the “nice break…lets be buddy’s” type of player.

I have made friends anyway without listening nobody.

When a match was really fun, I send a message to give “GGs” to my opponent. Sometimes we start to talk via messages, and sometimes we end playing sets. I made 2 friends like this just during this past weekend

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Why do you tourment me with that reminder? :sob: