Autocorrecting Combos?

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So I have been using this mixup for a while now (slide under and use bird for mixup) but I don’t believe that it was intended for me to get instantly into a combo. Was this an intentional game design or not. If so, then what makes it so that I get teleported to the enemy and start doing ADs?


I see what you mean it’s more visible during your ender not sure if they did that on purpose or wasn’t meant to be in the game.

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I know that there are these autocorrecting combos (look at Kilgore’s Exhaust cancel combos) but what makes it so that the game thinks that this situation calls for me getting teleported to the opponent. Number of hits? Specific projectile?

I don’t know maybe some characters are like that.

I think it’s intentional. I use Shisako and I whiff cross up slash as the orb hits and I can get teleported straight into autodoubles if I time it right. Same with Aria but her “running doubles” combo trait has her run into the double instead of getting teleported. (In hindsight Aria kind of got cheated out of a combo trait since teleporting into doubles is apparently a thing for others.)

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Hmm. If it is, then what makes it so that you are teleported. Is it because of the number of hits or that I’m performing an opener. I never hit him except for the bird, it feels weird.

I’m just taking a guess but the rule in the game is after an opener you can auto double. So if an opener hits (im refering to traditional openers like windkick) the game will assume that you can preform an auto double. But in some instances an opener will hit even if the two characters are seperated by a great distance, but the game isnt prepared for this and still recognizes that you can preform an auto double. So it will let you do an auto double. I’m also guessing there’s some sort of distance variable since characters are teleporting, like, when x auto double is preformed, character A will be y distance from character B.

Again, just a guess

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