Auto doubles in KI Classic

Is there a pattern or are the auto doubles random and we have to memorize which auto doubles go to which level of openers and linkers used? Same for the enders, is there a pattern to which moves are enders? I always assumed there was a pattern that I can’t figure out ever since the SNES days.

To do an auto double, you have to hit a button that is a strength lower than your opener strength.

For example:
Heavy opener > Medium AD
Medium opener > Light AD
Light opener > Heavy AD

Thanks, but that’s not the case with the auto doubles in KI Classic. What you said would work for KI2 but not the original KI.

Jump into your nearest time machine and consult a GameFAQ for a breakdown of each character’s specific combo sequences.

(I think there is a cyclic rule, but there’s also character-specific stuff, e.g. with Cinder you can just mash fwd+MP forever.)

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I have the SNES NIntendo guide which shows the combo system in a chart for each character but I was just wondering if there was a pattern that I couldn’t figure out. From the way I see it the auto doubles need to be memorized.

You have to do Around the world basically. Heavy opener - medium AD- light linker - heavy AD - med linker - light AD - Ender.

It not limited to that pattern but it works that way.

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But look at these charts, there is no around the world pattern or any pattern that I can see. You could use a high punch opener and the auto double could be a medium punch and no medium kick or a quick kick opener and a quick kick auto double and nothing else. I tried seeing the pattern you said but I still don’t see it.

Its basically the way the book shows you… Yes you start with heavy and then have to use medium. Or light to light

KI2 is around the world…my bad. KI1 has a different way that cris crosses. Just read up on it.

but look at jagos heavy punch laser blade opener, no medium auto doubles. Same for Orchids Flik flak. I need to look at everyone’s combo chart.