Audio Options for KI on PC

I have been playing KI on the XBOX one since launch. I recently played an extended set on the PC version to see how the game runs. As far as gameplay and graphics are concerned the game is just as good as the XBOX version.

However, I have a few suggestions for the audio controls and options.
First, make and option where the player can choose which audio device they want to use.
-This is pretty common in all of the other PC games that I play. I could not figure out how to make the game sound play through my headset despite the fact that the other player voices did.

Second, provide a self mute option.
-I may not know how this works correctly but the only way for me to party with my friends on PC was to use the XBOX app and create a party there. This would be fine but this created an aggravating situation where I was in a party yet I could still hear the other members of the KI lobby and they could also hear me. They got to listen to half of a conversation for the night which I am sure was less than pleasant.

Third, create an in game “party” mechanic.

  • This has the same rationale as the last request but would further eliminate the need to open multiple apps to allow something that is pretty standard in most PC games.

Thanks for your time and chime in with any suggestions!

Because of the way Windows Store apps work, you’ll need to choose a different audio device at the OS level, unless they modify the game to allow this.

Right click the speaker in the system tray, choose playback devices. In the list that pops up, figure out which one of those is the one you want to use, highlight it, right click and choose to make it the default.

Not the best solution, but a work around at least for now.