Audio on Xbox series S is noticeably lower than other games

Does anybody else have issues with audio on Xbox? Boot up killer instinct on my Xbox series S the volume is noticeably lower than anything else ( game or app)
I would say it’s probably 50% lower or just about as I sit here and test it against YouTube

I have to adjust volume from one game to another all the time, so I don’t really think there’s any particular issue, and most games do have sliders to allow you to adjust volume to your preferences. However, I’m not audio expert and I don’t really use the more sophisticated audio output options the consoles offer now, so take my perspective with a grain of salt. I have a series x though, and there in could be another variable, and some tvs and speakers have a weird feature where it tries to equalize all audio output levels, where it tries to make louder things quiet and quiet things louder to a point where the volume is constant, and that could also be messing with your perception of the game.