Audio Drama Fans?

Any fans of audio dramas? During lockdown last year I decided to create one based on a film script I’d made many years ago. Not having the resources to make a film I decided to make it audio instead.

I’ll post mine here but I thought we could post others that we like too.

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Very cool! Out of curiosity, have you ever thought of doing an audio drama for KI?

I’d need permission from people like @TempusChaoti to do that. I’m not sure if there are any KI audio dramas. I’d love the opportunity to do it, could be really fun.

You could always do a fan audio drama on YouTube, just because there have been ones for “Halo” and the like, although admittedly I’m not sure if those had been done with consent or not.

You’d have to do it as fan made anyway, but the characters are properties of MS. Maybe I could tag some people on Twitter about it.

Please do. :smiley: The more KI fan stuff available, the better. :slight_smile: