Attract Mode

One of the best parts of the previous games in the series, was the attract mode. Being that arcades are no longer around, I can see why this wouldn’t be a priority. And you’re right, it isn’t. But, for those of us who have or are planning to have a dedicated arcade cabinet for this KI, it would be amazing. Plus you could use it when you have the game at events and no one is currently playing on a station. It’s a small request, but one that would go very far for us enthusiasts :stuck_out_tongue:

For those that don’t know what an attract mode is, here’s an example from the arcade versions of KI1 and KI2

Could throw some little easter eggs and throw backs with the different screens as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell yeah! I am totally and definitely down with that! :grinning:

Oh yea plz make it happen.
Do it and i will work hard to complete me arcade build asap !

I like this idea too! I’m pretty sure they could do some pretty cool looking stuff with even just snippets from trailers, gameplay shots, and some bios text or something. I dunno. Would be fun.


Totally agree, I would LOVE an attract mode, brings me back to my old KI arcade days. It’s a great thing to have playing in the background when game is idle and something that would add to the presentation and polish this game desperately needs. Presentation is something KI1&2 were known for.

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Season 1 characters already have story intros they could use for things like this. I thought those looked awesome!

The Season 2 still need those though. Hopefully.

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It also gets really loud and the volume gets louder as the fight progresses. Therefore you hear it from across the room, ect…and you are attracted to the game.
That’s how ken Lob explained it in the behind the scenes video i watched recently.


Well it’s mainly for those who have the game on display at an arcade or event. Or sometimes some of us leave it idle while we go do a few things around the house real quick. It’s not really to add anything to the gameplay or the game itself, more of a self promotion thing for the game in public spaces or in home arcades.


I like this idea, I’ve been wanting to build a nice arcade cabinet from scratch for some time, and this would be awesome for when I have it complete.

Actually, it’s been a noticeable omission from the start. It’s such a big part of fighting games in particular, but KI will simply sit in the menu screen forever. They could cut to the character profiles (e.g. from Season 1 story mode) and then show a brief fight. We know the game can do this because it does it for the closing credits. It’s probably not a huge priority, but it’s shouldn’t be that difficult either. I think most of us appreciate that there are things that are high priority (new characters, bug fixes, the PC port…) and many of these other issues are seemingly trivial. It is worth pointing out, though, that these are some of the things that make people think the game is rough around the edges. If they collected a few of these polish-type issues and addressed them it would have a multiplicative effect on people’s perception of the game’s overall quality. The fighting engine and the character design are already top notch. But there is some truth to the idea that the packaging could use some work.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to time and money. No question you cover the “needs” first. But I really hope they have enough to start addressing more “wants” because the “needs” are all amply covered…


I think maybe it’s something they could consider with the Season 3 UI. I don’t think they’ll make a drastic change in the User Interface like the Season 1 to 2 update, but it’s something they should consider for the game in the upcoming Season 3 UI changes.

I can’t say it any better myself, I could only agree and stress its importance. Most major fighting games have this and while it’s sitting there at “press start”, there should definitely be some better buildup at that point than just the music repeating on that loop where you hear the intensity of it rising, then suddenly resets.

I will say though, probably one of the biggest problems with this feature is the character loading part. It’s the same deal with the random selection of the combatants for the credits sequence. Long load times may work at attract mode’s plausibility. However, considering they have something like it for the credits, is attract mode really that big a stretch.

I do intend to build me a custom KI arcade cabinet at some point. Probably invest in some strong wood supports, Maybe a 40 inch 1080p 60Hz high definition screen, a couple of TE2 controllers, though I may gut those and use the pre-built components and just create native riggings for them to the actual cabinet, create some decals, make it look sharp. Probably use one of those SF4 arcade machines they use in Japan as a reference or starting point. I think it’s possible to do even on a bit of a budget. The attract mode will just make the illusion look complete, especially if they could make the text “insert credits” appear on screen.


I’m down for it. We already have the fight during the credits, just send it to the credits after a few minutes or so

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I’ve thought for a while this would be a great idea. Here’s hoping for season 3.

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ONE THING THEY SHOULD INCLUDE IN SEASON 3- the vignettes from KI2, the winning animations and the attraction movies (such as orchid flying her helicopter/ Kim Wu practicing her stance on the mountain dojo)

Little things like this go a long way for us fans, if you say we have a strong passion then deliver it to us. I don’t get it

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This is a good point. But I think if they inserted a plausible load screen - like a screen containing a character profile during the load sequence it would mask this pretty well.

I’m actually thinking of building an arcade cabinet someday. I may never get around to it, but it’s fun to plan it out in my mind. I’m thinking of using the PC version, for a couple of reasons. First, it would be easier to get a collection of other old fighting games running on it as well, although the X1 is picking up some steam at this point. Also, instead of shelling out for the expensive TE2 I could just get the stick and buttons and a cheap PC game controller to mod up. If it comes to that, I actually have an old PS3 and 360 stick lying around too… Just a daydream at this point.

While I think a true Attract Mode would be a cool feature, I feel like the menu itself is a good start. Snippets of gameplay and trailers playing on a loop in the back ground? Pretty cool.
Would be nice to see something more added in the future, though. Just to keep things interesting for if I have to put the game on hold for an extended period of time, like if I decide to check stuff out on social networks or the forums.

Attract mode is a hold over from a bygone era. I suppose it would be neat extra but I feel the main screen does a pretty good job of paying homage to attract mode already. Anyways after watching the attract mode once most people will never watch it again.

Well it’s mainly for arcade enthusiasts, and idle stations at events. It’s not really meant to be something you just sit down and watch. It’s purpose is to “attract” those who might otherwise be disinterested in trying Killer Instinct, and for those of us who are going to build a modern KI cabinet to use in our homes or local arcade. I do enjoy the current main screen, but the lack of music after a bit of time is a bit of a downer.

Just as a point of clarity, my xbox is actually on and idling quite a bit. Because I have two kids running around and things to do, it’s not that unusual to have it running in the background. So an attract mode would not be a waste in that sense. Yes, it’s not a high priority. No doubt. But it doesn’t seem like it should be all that difficult either.