Attack on Titan Game Could Come To Xbox and PC

When asked at Tokyo Game Show if Koei Tecmo would consider releasing Attack on Titan on Xbox One or PC for the western market, Producer Hisashi Koinuma told DualShockers that for the moment the studio is focusing on releasing the game on PlayStation platforms in Japan, but they expect sizable demand from the west.

If western users would like to see the game on other platforms, Koinuma-san continued, Koei Tecmo would look into it as well, so they’d like to hear as much feedback about it from the fans as possible.

From what I’ve seen of the game I’d absolutely love to get it on Xbox and I know there’s a few users on here who want more Japanese titles, so time to make ourselves heard.


Putting a game on more platforms for more people to play is ALWAYS the right thing to do. I support this 100%, even if I’m not the biggest fan of AoT

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I hope it does. I bought an xb1for KI and assumed that most (big, popular) games would come out on both platforms like ps3 and 360 era.

Reality is that my beloved xb1 doesn’t give me what I hoped for: quality differences, games not appearing at all. :crying_cat_face: Now I even consider buying a Win 10 pc for some games. Still refusing a ps4 but cannot deny the dissatisfaction with the situation.

A few random examples of games I was interested in for my xb1:

-Pro evolution 2016 has more user and online features on ps4 than xb1.
-Doa5 has special effects not implemented on xb1.
-Guilty gear, usf4, new Resident Evil/Biohazard title, sf5, Kof14(even though it looks like a joke) not on my xb1
-Graphical differences in games like witcher 3, mgs5,…

Back on topic, I will make myself heard. Really want it on other platforms.

I like the show, but have no interest in the game, but I would like it to come to xbox. And bo xbox does have the latest re just not that multi-player only re game.

For those of you who like Attack on Titan:


I’m not a fan of a series in which you try and like a character, and they get brutally killed. IMO.