Asura character

Wonder if KI would add an “asura” character in KI? Even a “Kali” character.



The only Asura I am interested in is this guy:

I do have a thing for gothic demonic characters. And I love his weapon which can change shape into 7 different arms, such as a spear, a bow and a huge axe.

If KI suddenly gets a 4-armed monstrous character, they will be blamed for copying off Mortal Kombat.
Perhaps IG can make it look more unique and give it some original moves, but it will always be compared to the likes of Goro and Sheeva.

Well instead of something like Goro, what about someone who creates illusionary arms or something?

You mean like vectors in Elfen Lied? Btw, awesome anime, check it out to see what I mean.

That would actually be cool though.

I have to ask, have you even played the game yet? I never see you post in any other discussions, just thread after thread of “put a character into the game who looks like this.” I know back in the S2 forums you had posted that you had no hands on experience with the game.

I’m still learning. But I played the game.

I disagree. Just because a game has teleporting ninja doesn’t mean they are knocking off mk ninjas…if that was the case you would get more people complaining that gargos is a knock off of that one draconian gargoyle looking guy mk had in one of their games

So is this now where we are gonna flood new character ideas? Not the character section?

Funny enough, Jago was actually inspired by the MK ninjas in looks and inspired from the SF shotoclones (Ryu and Ken) in his gameplay… so yeah, they kinda were knocking off other games.

And even if the devs aren’t actually knocking off other games, if a character is similar to an already established character from another franchise, people will still compare the two.

Nothing new under the sun buddy

on the topic of asura charecter i would like to see one of the sword wielding ones. kinda like the one is samurai jack with 6 skimitars

S3 needs more gargos evil general