Astral plane unlocked during early access, now locked again

Was it not stated that if we had unlocked astral plane during the early access, that it would carry over for the full release. Now we have to do it on challenging andI before this considered myself halfway decent at the game, but am getting trashed on challenging and it’s looking like I’ll never have astral plane again because I can’t seem to even beat one omen…

An error. It should have but never did. Oh well.

Ahhh man really ?? That’s not cool at all. I’m really feeling some ill feelings about this right now.

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Not necessarily an error. We knew there was risk that stuff may revert - which is why it was always stated things should remain, but may not.

Well, in this case, it did not. Thankfully, though, Mimic skin unlock progress remained!

So the stage locking back wasn’t intentional?

It was not a “let’s make everyone earn it again” situation. It was a “to make x work, y has to happen.” If that makes sense.

Yeah, it makes sense.

Thanks for keeping the mimmic stats from the early access. Between the 2 I would rather have the mimmic stats over the stage. It was nice to see I had 5 unlocked when I installed the game.

But before you could unlock it on normal, which I did. Now you cant. Not everyone is gonnna be able to handle beating it on challenging or godlike, and if you had it before from beating it on normal and now all of the sudden it’s been changed, there’s gonna be some people out there who basically won’t ever have it again.

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I don’t mind that. In old school fighting games you only unlocked certain things by beating ridiculously hard situations. Therefore, having certain things unlocked on your game proved that you had accomplished something great which made unlocks more meaningful. Nowadays ppl just pay to unlock ■■■■ smh. I for one am happy to see a bit of the old school spirit with this choice. I know a bunch of ppl including myself were pissed off when Shago’s stage became Omen’s in S2. It was hard as hell to beat boss Shago, so getting an exclusive stage unlock was a great reward

I havent set aside the time to go back through it to unlock astral plane again either. It just takes way too long. Id rather be playing ranked.

That’s OK but I have a little question, I beated Gargos on Challenging with this version of Shadow Lords (I also did it on early access but I lived with the idea of beating Gargos in the public release again) but… WHY the Astral Plane stage is still locked even if the game told me that I unlocked the stage? (you can see my YouTube video displaying that message actually) Could it be a glitch because I later played and beated Shadow Lords on Normal?
To be honest, I don’t mind beating Gargos once more on Challenging or even Godlike, but this little problem… I think I can do the test to see if that happens again once I re-unlock the Stage.

Yeah I understand that but it sucks to basically have a stage and then have it taken away from you and now you can’t get it back. Like I said in another post. I considered myself halfway decent before attempting challenging. I’m Not spectacular or anything but a decent player, and it’s hard as hell for me to even beat 1 omen on challenging . I haven’t beaten 1 yet in fact, and even some of the regular mimics on challenging are pretty tough.

I actually havent tried it since I beat the early access, but I had cleared the challenging one fairly easily, so I was hoping that they made it harder. From what you and other ppl have been saying though, I’m curious to see just how difficult they made it now.

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It could just be me not being good enough, but I can usually handle the AI on the difficulty below Kyle, very hard? Can’t remember, and I’ve beaten it on Kyle a few times, but man these omens on challenging are ROUGH. I can’t even imagine fighting gargos on challenging. I just think it’s really unfair that I had the damn stage, and now I don’t. I saw with my own eyes where it was said unlocks wil Carry over. At least make it available baby beating gargos on normal like it was before.