Astral Plane Random

I haven’t played KI in a couple of weeks and I’ve been playing online for a while and there are times when my opponent or I select random we play on Astral Plane. Is this a bug from the most recent patch or something? I will say its a beautiful stage to play on, but nothing special happens when you do an Ultra from what i’ve seen.

There are some cases where the game will load up the Astral Plane. Random is one of them


I am continuously picking the random stage button in VS. CPU mode because of this.

There are some people (like myself) who were fortunate enough to unlock the stage when Shadow Lords was available for a short time. So when your online you will see some people with the ability to select it.

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Wait so people have already beat Gargos?

Yes. Also, people are getting early access codes for Shadow Lords so you’ll see the stage popping up more and more as time goes on.

I plan to beat him soon as I have a code myself. I’m pleased that the stage has ambience though, that was the one thing that was slightly worrying me (that they’d make a visuals only stage). But the audio guys came through again and pulled out an interesting looking stage from an audio perspective too.

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I got a code!!!

You can fight in the stage when your in survival mode against Gargos

I have been selecting random a lot, and sadly I have not played on the Astral Plane. I will just wait until I beat Gargos then, whenever that will be.

I beat Gargos and it unlocked the stage. I was surprised, I thought that wouldn’t be available until the 20th, but sure enough, I went into 1P VS CPU to confirm, and it was unlocked. Woot!

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I’ll have to wait until I’m lucky enough to get to a point where I can beat him. HOwever that require that I have almost constant sighted assistance other than for the fights themselves which is a shame.

Like what they’ve done with the mode so far though.

As others have mentioned, it seems his difficulty is somewhat random. The first time I fought him, I used my 3 best characters and still got whooped. On my second time, I used only Jago (who started with 75% health) and blew him up without even getting to my 2nd two fighters. His AI wasn’t nearly as crazy the second time.