Astral Plane boss stage confirmed

Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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Calling it now, the Astral Plane stage will be the new training/final destination stage where everyone picks it in tournament play.

Yeah, its very low in resources visually. Odds are it was hastily put together on a budget because of how much cash they said stages cost.

Maybe but damn does it look beautiful.

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For sure, simple but effective.

I’m happy Gargos has a stage.

Lucky Omen. Only character with possibly TWO stages.

Wait. is a lucky omen even possible?

Stage isn’t as crazy as others, but it works. It’s pretty. Ground looks shiny and nice. Hopefully as they said you can unlock it in all modes and it’ll just be Gargos’ regular stage with his music


in the demo though first isaac says new stage or something similar, but the other guy then said in shadow lords.

so is this confirmed to be an actual stage or just a stage within Shadow Lords mode?



Well they do say “another playable stage” so it could go either way, I’d assume like all assets in KI that since they took the time to make it, we can use it.

Either way, it’s still giving the game a change in scenery.

Its in Gargos’ hero art, I’m pretty sure it’ll be used as his default on most modes so odds are we’ll be able to use/unlock it for regular play.

This may have been already answered…But, I don’t care about this mode. I do care about the stage being selectable in other modes. Is it?

Ooops…Guess I should have read the other posts. Everybody asking the same question.

The answer is yes, and the answer to how is currently “Stay Tuned”.

Umm the stage is already in the game o_0

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uhm…no its not. where did you see that?

Go to your file thingy on the bottom and open it. Go to windows apps. It is on one of the disks. Then you open Killer Instinct. There is a Bik file of this in movies. There is also a Pak file of the actual stage. It isn’t called the sky stage. It is called Astro Field.

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yes! I thought that looked much better as well. I don’t like the “Fight On screen”, especially how the characters just suddenly go inactive.

Another thing, I thought they should add was this as the 1,2,3 animation

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Yo, @Delriach with those parry skills. Lol

I hope something cool would be going on in background during ultra. Like some planets burning, or portal with shadow lords coming out or in it.