Astral level

How to access Shadow lords to open the astral level

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Shadow Lords won’t be open to play until like September :confused:

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Its only available when you play Gargos in Survival mode. Gargos will come out on his Astral plane stage.
You cant choose it yourself until September 22nd when you beat Shadow Lords.

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Do you fight Eyedol on that stage as well?

I dont know? I never fought Eyedol last night lol

I personally didnt even fight Gargos on the Astral plane…Im just going by what those that posted pics and videos of the astral plane.

Only works in Survival so put it on easy and run through the entire cast to see…thats what Im gonna do.


Since microtransactions are in this game (even though I hate them) why not give players the option to buy the stage OR earn KI gold to unlock the stage? It makes no sense to me that we have to wait two months to unlock a stage. Don’t you think?

I really hope Shadow Lords mode blows us away!

And how long does it take to beat Shadow Lords mode?

i have no idea??/ Its not out yet. You can only see the Astral stage if you play Survival and Gargos is one of the opponents. You cant currently choose the stage in normal Vs mode.

Im sure all you have to do is beat Shadow Lords on Medium difficulty or something… it shouldnt be too hard to unlock.


I pray that this mode ganders thousands of more fans and bring back all the other fans.