Astral Gems Reward Question

Why I got less astral gems everytime no matter what the description of the mission says?

For example, I completed a mission that says the reward is something between 120-170 Astral Gems but I only got 81!

Can someone explain this to me please?

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I’ve been getting the same thing alot, I dont understand it either. Quick question though. Those missions you spoke of, did you fight them or just deploy? Because there was a disclaimer that the rewards would be lesser if you deployed forces and didn’t actually fight the match.
But something else I’ve noticed is that on story mission levels, the story only advances or i only get the story mission unlockables if I deploy. Like the riptor transceivers I have to deploy if I want to loot the transceiver. Seems weird to me.

I fought them.

Hmm I have no idea what to tell ya then bro. While I have been getting the same problem, I’ve been loosing interest in KI a tad bit. Life now a days just doesn’t accommodate lengthy plays