Assassin's Creed Odyssey!

So the rumors and leaks were true! Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is here and sooner than expected! October 5th! WOW! I havent had enough time to watch all these walk throuhgs and trailers but Ive linked them below.
Im currently playing Origins and IM loving it…its beautiful, epic, and flows so well! I cant wait to play Odyssey as Im much more interested in Greek culture than Egyptian culture.
From what I understand there will be much more naval battles, dialouge options, choice between male of female character, and more gameplay style of Unity than Origins.


Wow the combat looks sick in the walkthrough with teh female character! OMG! I have to get an HDR TV to round out this 4K/HDR enhanced game era! THe colors look so good!
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How is it more in the style of Unity? Just curious 'cause I never played it.

Really liked Origins (besides the annoying level-gating), so I’m looking forward to this one.

Considering Ubisoft’s collaborations with Nintendo, I am disappointed they didn’t do the obvious thing and put Mario in the new Assassin’s Creed: Oddyssey. Or at least his throwable hat.

That sjust what was said a week or so ago due to the Dev team taht made this one is not the dev team that made Origins…this team made Unity so they are putting more of the RPG elements of gear and armor in Odyssey. Now the overall look and combat is pretty much identical to Origins.

Unity is prett Fn awesome honestly… if you havnt played it you said give it a try. Its like $5 in the clearence bin at Gamestop. UNity felt much more combat heavy and sluggish when swinging huge axes and large weapons, where SYndicate was much faster hand to hand combat. Origins felt more like Unity IMO but lost the Armor upgrades and ability ot piece together your own Armor calabirations.

Unity was the French Revolution one right? The first current gen game that everyone seemed to hate and claim was filled with bugs even though it wasn’t especially buggy.

I enjoyed it well enough. I bought it because the multiplayer was supposed to be cooperative and mission based and it just… wasn’t. But the single player story was pretty good.

Yes, that’s it… I thought the part where you climb the statue of liberty in the helix bug piece was really well done. That part was epic!

Yeah, that’s like a flash forward to a world war or something right?

I think it took a lot of flack that it didn’t deserve.

You couldn’t pay me to play another Assassin’s Creed game…

YEah, kind of… it was a flash forward to when the statue was still in france and there was a huge celebration of some sorts with fireworks and an escape from some underground subway.
All I know was I was relly impressed with a lot of Unity after hearing so much bad gossip about it. I need to get back and finish it. It does have a sluggish pace of combat though. I prefer the faster combat myself but its still a great game.

Rouge is really good too!

My biggest problem with thebseries as a whole is that I want to play it like a stealth game. And it just isn’t that.

And I have to admit, as I get older my tendencies to OCD are catching up to me. These open world games with a thousand blinking icons in the map stress me out. I never feel like I’m doing everything I should and I really just want to advance the story. But first I need to collect a dozen photographs to unlock the sword I need to win the thirty side missions that open the outfit that etc etc.

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Im the same way…I feel I need to do every side mission and get every piece of loot. I feel like just going down the main mission line is kind of skipping the game. But Origins feels much more stealthy IMO and I can actually take out entire Strongholds in stealth and it feels and looks legit. the other AC I had trouble doing that due to not have the stealth crouch button like Origins has.

Same here… except I break free of that Vicious Circle early.

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