Asking pre-order Killer Instinct Season 3

I want make buy this game for play on Windows, but I see it’s only have on Xbox Store (, it don’t have on Windows Store. I hear it’s coming to Windows 10. Then I want ask

  • If I buy this game (ultimate edition pack) on Xbox Store now, then later can I play it on Windows without buy it again?
  • When it release on Windows Store?
  • Have any special for pre-orders?

NOOO don’t buy it yet, because you could end up paying too much.

Wait for Windows Store to list it in about 11-12 hours, it will be cheaper for new bundles that will have all 3 seasons.

thanks :slight_smile:
because I’m new comer to this game

I’m having trouble accessing the home page for ultra combo. Which has the same pricing details
I’m a new comer too. This is the deal you want.

Supreme Edition - Includes every fighter from Seasons 1, 2 and 3, all content from all 3 Ultra Editions including costumes, accessories, 18,000 KI Gold, VIP double XP boosters, bonus colors for Season 3 characters

  • Killer Instinct Classic and Killer Instinct 2 Classic for Xbox One Xbox One: $59.99
  • Windows 10: $49.99

It’ll be available via the in game shop. So when it is released download the game from Microsoft store.

And look in game for the shop and deals. The only character you miss out on is Shadow Jago who was made via community support. So you’ll have to purchase him seperately which is 10 buxs (I think.)

Thanks, but I didn’t see anything here help make purchase, where’s that button?

It’ll be up in about 7 more hours.

ah, it’s ok. Thanks