As(s)uming each fighter gets an ultimate, what would you like to see from your favorite fighters?

Jago and Thunder are not included since we got a glimpse of theirs already.

For Mira its hard for me to think what they could do that’s T rated. She has a scythe she could chop them in half but that’s a little too much. She has a blood sucking move, she could devour them but that’s a little too much. What I would love to see is a fancier version of her reaping ender, but then near the end she swings the scythe around her and hits the opponent while the camera zooms into her face, giving the impression that the opponent was cut in half. Would be siiiick.

For Hisako I would like to see her do the influence animation, but stop when the opponent has her naginata pierced through them, then have her dashing toward the camera while the screen fills up with that grudge like black mist. In the background while shes dashing toward the camera you see the opponent, but Hisako sees you (the camera) and decides to take you out before finishing up on the enemy. Not necessarily an ultimate aimed at the opponent but I still think that would look really cool.

Can’t really think of anything else for the others fighters, what would you like to see happen?

I couldn’t post the word A S S U M I N G on the title because it contains a bad word lol

maybe Kim Wu can do a Strong Dragon dance axe kick that would crush the opponent’s head into the ground, and as For Orchid, i’m pretty sure you know what i’m waiting on

Orchid should be able to flick flack backwards and strike her batons together to form a huge ever-lovin LASAKEN

Kim I previously saw a circling of dragons to form one huge dragon cannon