Arm break! Bone-breaking Story

Hi everybody!

First of all, a reminder. My english isn’t great, so there will be grammar mistakes.

I’ve been absent two months from the forums and the game. The reason: I suffered an accident and broke my left arm. I’m still in procces of recuperation, but at least I can play again, although I’m far from my best version.

I broke my arm at the end of November, so I couldn’t enjoy the launch of Shadow Jago, but I’m trying to get updated on that :stuck_out_tongue: This forum keep advancing, and I couldn’t read many of the topics, so I have a petition for you pals: Could you resume in one post some of the most relevant news around here?

I’m eager to see the s3 footage this weekend. I’ve missed been around here, and I want to get updated soon and keep fighting around.

Thank you for your time guys!

PD: As fun fact, dear Iron Galaxy, I have a suggestion. Please, PLEASE, avoid shoryuken motions in new characters. Due my fracture, It’s hard and painful to make shoryuken motions. Lucky me, Aganos it’s my main, so I don’t suffer using him, but for example I can’t use properly Jago, Orchid, Thunder…

Not going to lie, I came in here expecting some crazy, over-the-top story about how you broke your arm, like saving a puppy from being run over by a train while simultaneously mixing pancake batter for a bake sale to benefit war orphans. I was disappointed.

Welcome back to the forums, you picked a great time considering Season 3 is around the corner.


:joy::joy::joy: Bruh…Lmao.

Welcome Back Fam…

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Remove DP motions …They did this already…its called COMBO ASSIST. You don’t have to do the motions except for in neutral

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You say it like doing dps in neutral isnt important

Anyway, it was more like a curiosity than an actual request. Who uses a pd in a unrelated op post for an actual request?

I didn’t say it wasn’t important…I just said its been done somewhat with CAM. It actually was a joke somewhat…

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Kim might have some DP motions, as she did have one in KI 2. Sorry. :frowning:


As long as Gargos and Eyedol dont…

PAX South 2016 and the Killer Instinct World Cup will BOTH be arriving this coming weekend beginning January 29-31 :smile: :sunglasses:

BTW very sorry to hear about your accident and welcome back to the KI forums too


Happy to hear you’re healing up. I’ve been fortunate enough to have never broken on of my own bones before (though I accidentally broke someone’s finger once) so I always shudder a bit just imagining how it feels.

As far as any news you may have missed…

-CAM was implemented in 2.13. I imagine you’ve had a chance to peak at that MASSIVE thread, so I’ll leave it at that.

-PAX South and KI World Cup coming this weekend. Information about new characters and balance changes/mechanics ahoy!

-Killer Instinct will be returning to EVO2016.

@SightlessKombat got to Killer Rank despite being totally blind, because they’re kinda insane.

-Keits is probably going to need literally everything. Kappa.

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I broke my left arm up by the shoulder last March and it was awful. I’m a stick player and it amazed me how much I use my arm above the elbow to play. Best of luck in your recovery.

DP motions are the stumbling block for a lot of people. In SF2 this difficulty was part of the games balance, but it no longer applies and KI expects everyone to be able to do this motion. But as Maya showed, along with Cinder whose DP became a down-up, you don’t need these motions to make a game. I hope they leave them out of the new season too.

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Sorry to hear about the accident but glad the process of recovery is going well for you.

Welcome back.

Also, if you want to see my Killer footage, look around on here and you should find it or send me a PM and I can link you to it.

Welcome back.

Sorry that I never messaged you, but I did realize that you were posting a lot on this board as a regular and suddenly stopped. Hope all is okay now.

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