Arizona Tournament With Video

Wasn’t quite sure where to put this, since I figured people would like more tournaments to watch, but the Videos and Tournaments categories are pretty dead. So, @moderators feel free to move it if needed.

The following 2 videos are from May 6th, 2017 from The Gaming Zone in Tempe, AZ during our 6.3 RanBats (Ranked Battles). Time stamps are provided below each video. Spoilers are marked for Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals and Grand Finals.

0:00 : Commentators start introducing
2:33 : Dylandroid versus TGZ Nitrofrost
10:01 : Ziarist (Me!) versus Forever Delicious
17:25 : TGZ BlindGamer versus Godsaw
27:08 : AZ Redwulf versus TGZ SVM
32:03 : Ziarist versus TGZ BlindGamer

Game freezes and stream dies. Sorry for loss of match.

0:00 : End of Ziarist versus TGZ BlindGamer
2:40 : AZ Redwulf versus Forever Delicious
12:53 : Dylandroid versus BBG Chaotic

21:51 : TGZ SVM versus Ziarist (Winner’s Finals)
33:00 : TGZ BlindGamer versus BBG Chaotic
38:50 : AZ Redwulf versus BBG Chaotic

45:35 : AZ Redwulf versus Ziarist (Loser’s Finals)

1:00:15 : TGZ SVM versus Ziarist (Grand Finals)

Final Bracket: (SPOILERS)

Would love to read your opinions on anything you see. :grin:

Thanks to TGZ SVM for uploading the videos. Looking forward to our run back.


One of these days Ill finally get a Saturday off to make my way down there

This is awesome… Moved from NY to AZ (Chandler) about 1.5 years ago and had no idea there was anything like this so close. Will have to come check it out live some time!

We are playing this Saturday (May 20th) at about 2pm. We also have BB, GG, DOA, UMVC3, and SVF tournaments on either Saturday or Sunday every other week.