Aria's Theme Changed With Latest Update?

Anyone else notice that Aria’s them changed a little with the 2.9 update? Specifically the 16+ hit crescendo. I know a lot of people weren’t too keen on her theme (I liked it), but it sound worse in my opinion.

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I think its great that they added that part from the soundtrack theme in now. We played Arias level hours last night just because it makes it so much sweeter.

Her theme seemed a bit too plain before the Rash update in my opinion.

I liked ARIA’s theme to begin with, but the remix of “The Instinct” made me enjoy it more.

I’m just waiting for the new Dynamic from RKosmic to be recorded with the changes =)

I like the change, way better than it was before.

Was this the only Theme to get an upgrade?

Heh, I thought I was going crazy when I heard the main theme part in Aria’s stage. Glad to know I’m not XD

I liked the old version so much more, not that it was my favorite them anyway. I wish they could have both parts of the song instead of just cutting one out in favor of the other.
I do have to wonder if it was changed due to a copyright claim.

Why do many hate her theme or say it’s subpar?
(It’s one of my favourites with Cinder’s theme)

I like it too.

Sometimes, the new mix sounds “a bit” similar to the street fighter theme of one of the new characters, don’t remember now which one

The update took the theme from being in my bottom 5 to being in my top five. I think it’s significantly more hype.
I might even go so far as to say it might be, in my firm opinion, one of the best Drum & Bass songs I’ve ever heard.

Preference, bloody preference.
Didn’t really care for the tonality before. It seemed to be almost nothing but monotone drum and bass without much change or progression. The KI theme thrown in adds more of a sense of finality, epicness and scale, makes it feel like more of a boss stage. Start the game with the KI theme, end it on the KI theme.
Besides, I just really like that chord progression in the KI theme. Mix it with good DnB electronica and it’s a heck of a fun song to listen to.