ARIA's new stuff

Well S3 is here. So let’s go over some things

-drones NOW take 1.25 (25%) dmg, from no extra dmg
-explosive arc got quite the speed reduction on linkers
-some typos were fixed in the frame data
-shadow dissonance now gets that nice hkd and juggles now

  • charge up bombs DO NOT release additional grenades you get one extra grenade regardless if you charge or not.
    -one of her target combos (mp+hk) does not combo. Even though in the command list it says you can combo from a into hk…which you can’t.
    -stagger on crescendo is ridiculous. The mixups you can do with this will be amazing
    -the hitboxes on hk’s looks unchanged except for It’s hitbox is massive now
    -disband (instinct cancel) still a bug?
    -SB block advantage nerf (will have to actually to see if it holds true)
    -KV on all HK’s is REALLY reduced. Example is you can loop hk’s into itself for easy dmg. Very hard to break too (10 frame window or less)
    -shadow allergo is still a 1f startup move is +20 on block.
    -when preforming manuals the proper text should be popping like the rest of the cast

I thought I tested this. Will check again, might not have paid attention as I thought it worked.

Yes, i was surprised by this. Remembered from the KIWC balance change stream that it was said that she gets extra grenades from charging. Is it a bug or was it changed back, or maybe I misunderstood…?

@TheKeits may I ask you about this?

Sounds like a bug for the bug thread. If you are unsure about anything, report it and repro steps in the bug thread so our QA can investigate.

Just to confirm, is charging standing HK supposed to give extra grenades?

Anyone find anything tricky with flip out yet? I’ve just been doing the basic dash under or land behind stuff into a low poke but I feel like there’s probably more to it.

I’ve got some booster body hover mixups with left and right after flip outs, blade body gets her high low mixup.

A sexy mix for booster body is use for the flip out then use blade assist cancel into hover ad mix up with her jumping normals or crescendo (which air versions also cause stagger <3) then go for a combo. If blade assist connects you can verify that it is and combo in jumping hk and get easy juggles and and dmg (since you can cash out with shadow crescendo another <3)

ARIA’s mk can bypas kim’s firecracker (all versions) despite being a projectile.

Hmmmm correction on the drone dmg. If a drone is hit they only take 25% more dmg. HOWEVER…kim’s shadow dragon kick (the up kick part) can still one shot them…don’t know why but it does. But drones don’t suffer the 2.5x dmg. So that’s good.

I have been using a new set up. After any launcher, connect LK for a flip out and cancel it into either light shotgun blitz or medium shotgun blitz. If you do light, you land in front of them. If you do medium, you land behind them. It’s hard to tell which side she will end up on. From this, just do some low into explosive arc to stay safe.